Google is shooting all its canons to be on top of the social platform, latest announcement is on the live streming of Republican Presidential Nomination

Live streaming of political events is not new to Google+. Earlier they streamed political events of Dalai Lama, Obama etc. at Google Hangout which provide multiparty  
Video conferencing and much advanced features thus enabling the viewers to have a very rich user experience.

Google Politics Elections.pngGooglplex HQ announced yesterday that they will be officially hosting the online show and provide insight to Google+ users. The Republican Presidential nomination convention is to be held from Aug 27-30 2012, Tampa, Florida.

What it means to GOOGLE+
With the recent makeover of Google+ pages, Google appears to focus their entire attention to making Google+ as the industry leader.  This event may trigger a significant number of users signing up for Google+ and will help it make more popular. The arch rivals Facebook have no idea to host such events until now and analysts say they may jump into it sooner or later. Google with its immense strength from Youtube explores every avenue to be the Industry leader in the social sector fighting its tough competition with Facebook.

Bottomline is that Google will go to any extent in the battle for social platforms whether it may be political or streaming popular events to reach the heart and minds of its users.  More and more users are using Google+ by the day and GOOGLE+ presence is the most sought platform for any business or individual who wish to reach the masses.

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