Do they contribute as social signals?

Google says that social signals have 2nd most priority as a factor that decides search engine rankings. Social signals have huge importance because the links obtained in social media are mostly natural. Facebook and twitter are without doubt the best social networks available today and when Google says social media links are important for ranking, it is quite natural for everyone to start posting regular tweets and facebook wall updates to get social links. In reality, Google doesn’t even have access to the links in Facebook and twitter. Here is a hand drawn infographic on this thought. Feel free to spread the word. This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon Facebook and twitter promotion. Activity in facebook and twitter is indispensable for branding and engaging directly with customers. But when it comes to social media signals for the sake of SEO, the options are to blog regularly in platforms such as blogger, squidoo and to encourage social activity such as social bookmarking. Now enjoy and share the graphic. There is video towards the end of this graphic which has Matt Cutts explaining the role of facebook and twitter in SEO.


The video by Matt Cutts about rating links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?

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