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Search Trends 2012Just 19 days more for us to step into the new controversial year 2013. The ‘controversial’ label I have added is because of the Doomsday expectations we have on 21st of this month. Once we prove all rumors wrong, the long run ahead comes to our mind and there goes our thoughts safeguarding our luxuries and existence. Each one of us expects to get bigger. It is never an exception to ‘Bill Gates’ and ‘Warren Buffett’ as well.

‘Survival of the fittest’. Only those are fit manage to survive, today. Not really, I say. ‘Survival of the controversial’. Only controversies portray your presence to the world. ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY is one best example for this. The funny and funky dance moves that PSY does in the entire video makes people enjoy watching and groove to the tune. The viewership status for this top rated video is –

Search Term: Gangnam Style

TOTAL - 74,700 results

Officialpsy - 940,736,112 views

Total views in the entire first page of You Tube search – 1,574,778,731 views

Just drink a cup of water in a different manner, you get noted. That’s the power of internet. The world moves the same pace it was through millions of years, but that is not the case with INFORMATION. Information and data travel faster than human thinking, which was once told to be the swiftest one.

Social media gets people engaged for almost 70% of their time a day. Every person who has access to internet will for sure check their social outlets once in a day. And there are also some jobless people who spent their entire time polishing their social outlets. The reason behind? Your social profile is your mirror now. They let others know who you are. The same applies to businesses also. Your business needs to get polished and made presentable to your clients who are online. No other go! RUN WITH THE WORLD TO SURVICE THE COMPETITION

Here below are the top trends in the search world and social media for the year 2012. The figures are self-explanatory and hence I leave them to your referral.


The World    

                Trending people- worldTrending searches - world

Trending images- world   Trending Google plus hashtags - world



trending local spots - india            trending News - india

trending people- india       trending search - india


United States

trending images - US                 trending local places -US

trending people - US                  trending searches- US


United Kingdom

trending image search- UK  trending local search in google maps- UK

trending PEOPLE- UK    trending searches - UK

Twitter Topers

Hash tag starters

twitter countries

twitter hashtags

twitter politics

twitter technology

Trending Twitter posts of 2012

barack obama - top tweet

obama tweet

Obama Barack tweet

justin beiber tweet

justin beiber


TJ tweet

Lang tweet

Lang TJ Tweet


Technology Trends

events trends - facebook

memes trending - facebook

most talked about - facebook

tech trends - facebook

politics trends- facebook

You are running out of time. Plan how to get your brand name one among these lists for the year 2013. You should be aware of the term “VIRAL”. Yes once your update your content into the web and it go’s viral, you will have no need to look back.

Use your creativity, be different and controversial, to build your brand.

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