Check If Your Website & Marketing Measures Abide Certain Parameters. If Not Mend ASAP

A quick check list on your website, if you hadn’t done it for a few months. Your website plays base to your online business, and never leave it abandoned and unchecked per the latest trends.                               


Site Navigation

Are you sure that people who land on your webpages are able to access information from your website easily? Have you updated your sites design from how it was years back? Especially for eCommerce websites. Easy navigation within your website is the key to success. Don’t confuse your customers with so many choices and detailing. Select only those are advised to be displayed and coordinate accordingly. For example, if you display a wallet, display the picture of a person holding it, again the front and back images of the wallet, one image showing the inside of the wallet. Coming to content remember to showcase the material with which the wallet is made, cost, discount details, brand name, and shipping details. When you navigate your user from this page, opt them with selection based on a different colored wallet from the same brand and one from a different brand. Also display a hot combo offer of your website nearby, that they never bounce from your site. Make them hang on your site for a while and create a good impression for a purchase sometime later/ bookmark for future reference.

Your Website Helps Bring A Way Out?

website-content-helpfulIs your website equipped enough to bring resolutions to problems faced by people? This is also similar to content optimization. When a commoner lands on your website, most probably from search engines, they should be able to understand what your website is about. They should find the answer to their query at your site itself, without putting an extra effort to surface a new website. Provide the data legibly. Also take into account the font and its size. Headings should differ from sub-headings, while sub-headings differ from that of the content.

Social Media Buttons


Place only few social media share buttons over each page of your website, and that too the most influential ones. My choice would be Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. The choice is based on the engagement and conversion rate. Also showcase the number of shares your website has gained, somewhere near to the buttons. Do remember to display this in public once you gain a decent count to showcase. Don’t go for displaying lame data of the sort - 15 re-tweets, 10 Facebook likes and 8 re-pins. Another most important thing is to merge your Twitter and Facebook posts. Draw a plan and work accordingly when you enter the social media marketing industry.

Keyword Rich Not Keyword Dense

Keep your website keyword rich and not keyword dense. It’s fine that you predict various key options that users might use to reach your site. But that huge bunch of choices should not bring you down in SERPs. Concentrate on one main keyword and have four more as substitutes of it. Your Meta content should be based on these five keywords. Starting your content possibly with the main keyword will bring dramatic traffic flow towards your site. Also, with the intent to make your site keyword rich don’t walk an extra mile incorporating the keyword anywhere and everywhere. You will not like a site like that and similarly your users too wont.


Never have the idea of scraping content from other websites, affecting their reputation as well. This may also be the other way round. Your fresh content getting scraped by other novice website owners. Detect them effectively using Google webmaster tool OR Track them setting Google Alerts OR Use duplicate content checking tools available in market. Never compromise on this since you might get hit by Google Panda version 23/God & Google knows if the next version number for real is 203 OR 2003.

Text Displayed As Flash OR Images


Search engine bots lack the capacity of reading content in forms of images and Flash. So avoid displaying valuable content in forms of images. It will be a waste if you choose that option. Also never attempt to create a Flash based website. Despite the factor that Flash powered websites look stunning, we are not advantageous enough to do so from an SEO point of view.

URL format

Pay attention to the format of your website URLs. Avoid having punctuations or other symbols within them expect for hyphen (-), which is always advisable.  This makes your web pages more likely to be readable and understandable by search engine bots. Hence easy ranking!

Add Good & Attractive Images

Always remember to back-up your content with attractive and meaningful images. Images play a great role in getting content viral, especially after the launch of Pinterest. Infographics is another great way of communicating with people, which converts data into images. Always remember to label your images with an appropriate name. Name your image file. This helps you making your site keyword rich.

Hope this quick brush-up helped you!

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