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Have you got your business website connected to Google+? Are you aware of Google+ is not only a social website? Do you know that Google+ engagement directly influences your visibility over the web? To be concise, among Google search results? Did you know that Google+’  “+1” button is equivalent to Facebook’s “Like” button? Should we wait for the day to encounter FAKE +1’s similar to fake FB Likes.

Now what is the role of this +1 link in SEO?

Google’s intent to make Google+ famous, like/ more than Facebook and Twitter, Google rewards a +1 link more, and offers huge weightage in case of rankings over Google SERPs. Obviously the +1 link will gain more CTR’s and hence more shares across all the social media platforms and the resultant will be more reach/ more leads/ more business/ more revenue.

For those who have already got Google+ linked to their websites, they are seeing difference, which is literally a much powerful and a direct impact. Hope you remember Matt Cutts’ recommending Authorship, which in turn is achieved by means of Google+ Profile Page Optimization.

Let us focus on a few important parameters:

Google AuthorRank

AuthorRank is the status that Google awards for your online presence and credibility. You need to satisfy certain eligibility factors set by Google to bag away this rank. You know what this age old process by Google was initially named as? Agent Rank. Between September & October last year, the topic – “AuthorRank” jumped in getting eyebrows raised and an extra-large sized exclamatory mark sticking to everyone’s forehead. But now, that is not at all a tedious job. If you are able to attract fans to your worthy content, you are eligible to be awarded an AuthorRank by Google. Google aims at binding social media to other online web content. Grab your Rank badge and see your Google+ image nearby your post in search results, an extra honor similar to rich snippets. See the one below,

google authorrank


The content you post should make your readers add you to their circles. The more circles you stamp your head-in, the more famous and successful you are in your business online. But the job never ends there. You got few more works to do apart from creating fruitful content. You got to optimize your Google+ profile page attaining 100% profile completeness. Track possibility of getting an entry into high profile circles. Share your content publicly. Also comment on good contents, for them to add you in their circles. Engage better. Remember to spice-up your content headline with an attractive and thoughtful and topic-related image. Image addition increases the possibility of your content getting shared as per surveys. See below for the route where a Google+ post got shared across circles.

Google plus Ripples


The Revolutionary – Hangouts

The Google+ team helps you chat face-to-face, argue, contradict, explore and share views, from any device possible. Start a hangout now to test. Please don’t mistake this facility being created just for tech geeks. Any subject could be discussed, personal chats, interesting recipes, and what all you could convey through a video. This should gain utmost popularity this year, no doubts.

SEO Expert Advice on Connecting with Google+

In this video Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Land, emphasizes the benefits of participating in the Google+ platform, which will be a game changer for your online business.




Increase your Visibility – says Google

Can you see Google’s advertising tactics as below?

Social extensions link your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns, so that all your +1s - from your page, your website, ads and search - get tallied together”

In short, the message they convey is, join Google Adwords and Google+ Page to improve web visibility. They mean it!

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