Social Bookmarking is no doubt an important factor doing SEO

manual_social_bookmarkingAre you aware of a particular set of internet users who wish to dig into social bookmarking sites to grab a piece of information, than using the default search engine browsing process? Yes, people have the habit of checking these sites, with the quest of landing up at interesting bookmarks, and they finally reach your site.

Do you know that bookmarking your website link onto a website that holds a higher page rank, will eventually boost your website’s rank over search engines which in-turn attracts lots of visitors who convert into potential clients of yours. Exciting information is what…Next to banner ads and Adwords, social bookmarking websites is the main source of backlinks aiding visitors flow to a website.

The process

1. Social bookmarking is indeed time consuming and a tedious job if you do it yourself. But the resultant is priceless. So we could easily ignore the pains undertaken. Simple to say, the process is saving your bookmarks to a public website along with related keywords as tags.

2. The wise approach is to bookmark three types of links. One is to bookmark the webpages of your website, another is bookmarking the webpages that link to your website, and the final one is bookmarking topic related content from other top rated websites. The balance you maintain with the quantity of these three link types is advised to be in a 3:3:4 ratios.

3. Take for example you chose to bookmark in one of the most famous social bookmarking site – Create an account and install their browser add-on for an easy access bookmarking pages.

4. Add a short description about your website and the tags you enter will be your keywords. Note that the default title that you enter should be keyword specific, since this will end-up being your anchor text. The title you enter for your website is the most crucial factor. You get clicks only if the title is catchy, or else you simply get ignored. The same applies to the description part also. Provide unique content in the “Notes” area.

5. Now go for the bookmarking part, and there is no need for you to bookmark each and every page of your website. Go for the best ones you feel worth sharing. The amount is dependent on the size of your website.

6. Next go for the other websites that link to your site. Advisable are those top rated website links that point to you. Press Release, Guestblogging, your presentation in Slideshare, YouTube videos, Pinterest, your news article been shared by most people, your brand service appreciated by your customers in their website are some among them.

7. Finally find your industry related articles published in high ranking websites. Bookmark these articles on your behalf, which requires no need for title alteration except for adding a small quick note relating the topic bookmarked and related tagging done.

8. Now when every work is done perfect, what I advise is to manually repeat the same process in other social bookmarking sites where you intend to mark presence. Never go for importing or any other automated works, and you will end-up doing a disaster to your efforts.

Mind for these while doing social bookmarking

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Are you aware that you always have an option to re-bookmark your website’s pages or related articles? Yes, by doing so you can reach at a conclusion of the best title or description or keywords that attracts visitors to your site. Experiment with different forms of representing your business and showcase to people for them to show you the perfect form.

Proper category selection

Submitting your content under appropriate categories is vital. If you miss optimizing your content according to the categories your efforts will end up a waste of time. Submit one webpage to only one most apt category. Don’t do numerous bookmarking for a single page with the intent of getting more traffic. Also, if you have a moderately popular brand and when visitors to social bookmarking sites find your brand name displayed over unrelated bookmarks that will the end of them having good-will over your brand. So be careful and attentive while bookmarking your webpages into these popular sites.

No automated bookmarking

Manual bookmarking is the best approach doing social bookmarking. Don’t go for automated software available in market which does the job in the most trustful manner. Once you go for automated process, and find all wrong categorization done for your webpages, you will get frustrated and tensed when you are pushed to a situation doing manual submission as a correction process. And removing wrong categorization as a whole will be a stressful job for you.

No doing all pages

Please avoid each and every page of your website. Choose only those which have good content and avoid bookmarking pages that are thin in content. One good content page bookmarked is worth it, rather than doing all available pages, since a visitor landing on your webpage that has no necessary information may no longer pay attention to your website, even if that was the only page lacking good information. You website will gain a black mark in his perspective.

Diversify your bookmarking of pages

Don’t stop with bookmarking only the main page of your website. You ought to bookmark your websites’ subpages also, the selective and the best ones. This makes your bookmarking process more effective and worth doing.

Proper Title

Your title represents the quality of information your webpage holds. So never compromise on the quality and uniqueness of your bookmarking titles while doing the process.

Proper keywords

Keyword selection and tag assigning are also equally important. Be different while doing this. Don’t choose a general keyword for your bookmarked webpage. This pulls people to open your website and explore what it is about.

Proper Content

Bookmarking a webpage that is rich in pictures and graphics, and having no content to display or convince the visitor will be a bad practice. People may not find anything informative on your website and may bunk immediately. So always remember to bookmark a webpage that has a well-written and analyzed article of yours rich in keywords and information for the tag you have chosen.

Make your Bookmarks go viral

Optimize your website and webpages, so that your book marked pages go viral getting shared by lot many visitors who find your content to be interesting as well as useful. This way you can build up your brand name and increase turn-over out of your business.

Be patient

Never opt to do the bookmarking process in a hurry, especially on Fridays after 4pm. You are sure to mess up with the title, description and tags. Do it when you are relaxed and passionate enough to work driving traffic. Monday to Wednesday, I suggest.

Top 10 social bookmarking sites

seo_social_bookmarksThese are the top social bookmarking sites as of now, depending on the number of visitors to these websites.


Increase traffic, grow brand, doing social bookmarking!!!

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