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LinkedIn Streamlining - Drives Business Opportunities

Agent-cy CEO Jasmine Sandler inaugurated day one of the conference with her valuable insights and success she had experienced optimizing her LinkedIn pages, under the topic “Maximizing the Effectiveness of LinkedIn to Generate More Qualified Leads Online


  • Personal Branding is equally important as that of your LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Optimize your personal LinkedIn page focusing 3 of your strengths and make your profile rich with those keywords
  • Professional touch should be exhibited in each and every block you enter
  • Actively participate in LI answers, Recommendations, and Connections
  • Interconnecting your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • LinkedIn share button ought to be displayed on each of your websites’ pages
  • Sharing own blog content in LI groups and posts
  • Use LinkedIn’s Lead Builder tool to drive in sales
  • Sending direct messages to group members and connections
  • Using Profile Organizer as your CRM LinkedIn tool


What slipped out of Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist’s mouth

Jasmine Sandler’s presentation was followed by Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik on the topic – “Analyze. Streamline. Engage: Transform Your Business by Embracing Digital”

14 wise online marketing tips

Solve problems related to Influence, Experience and Value – Solve all problems within at first

Don’t Obsess Over Data – Don’t come to conclusions depending on Data, focus on promotion

Move Beyond the 2% - the average conversion rate of the top 50 websites of America is just 2%, so keep moving towards the rest 98%

Pay attention to Micro-Conversions – Pay attention to people who drop from you half the way or stop after a short while of business dealing or possibly return later

Understand Economic Value Understand the market level and act accordingly

Create an Economic Value Map Micro conversions play a greater role here, track even negligible conversions

CPC’s are not a metric of success!

Identify Converting Paths on your Website – The following site helps

Create and Repeat this 3 Step Process – 

  1. Create a hypothesis of what the ultimate online portfolio looks like
  2. Test
  3. Be less wrong every single day

Stop Shouting at People – Efficiency lies in identifying customers’ needs and helping them and not repeatedly shouting out your presence to them

Optimize Twitter Acts as another PR channel

Facebook ‘Like’ Begging Time to avoid this and focus on providing quality content

Increase your Social Media Effectiveness – Measure these factors on a regular basis:

  • Conversation Rate – number of audience reactions per social contribution
  • Amplification Rate - number of re-tweets / shares / likes / connections / pins
  • Applause Rate – number of positive clicks per social contribution
  • Economic Value – Create social media channels and use them to play an active role, interacting with your clients

Stop Ignoring Mobile study the mobile behavior dealing with your website


Mobile Marketing Optimization Tips

Presented by Tam-Scott and Gagan Kanwar of Marin Software, titled “Mobile Marketing Optimization”.

Design your website in such a way that the content adapts automatically with respect to the layout

  • Deliver a ‘mobile responsive design’ having an SEO insight which in turn lifts user experience across multiple devices
  • Provide the same content across various platforms
  • Users should be able to access the same content in the PC as well as mobile without any hindrance to view only few pages leaving the rest
  • Check the navigation part across all platforms and no tabs should remain nonfunctional
  • Apart from mobile optimization, consider other devices like iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire
  • Test mobile marketing in all possible ways without limiting your path in a single direction
  • Message marketing is still successful and generates leads very easily and low expense involved, and again it depends on the business you deal with
  • Mobile KPIs are different from that of desktop KPIs and differentiating them becomes crucial and essential
  • Customers use more than two devices to stay with you in business, hence its important that you stay with them as well

Social PR Tips

Social PR Chat released the following tips in their article.

  • Video can be the difference between getting a story picked up or getting it featured on the home page.  This is where PR people can leverage what they do best to make their company’s or client’s marketing efforts more successful. Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
  • Coolest free (yet robust!) social analytics tool I’ve seen in awhile is SocialBro. @MerryMorud
  • Leveraging  user-generated content (UGC) like Q&A, ratings, reviews, and shared photos on your website is a fantastic way to organically grow more relevant, unique and fresh content that both users and search engines love.Via @ Angie Schottmuller
  • earn to program your Twitter buttons so they attribute where the content came from. Look at BBC News, New York Times and All Things Digital.They’re missing a trick by not adding @BBCNews or @NYTimes to the end of Tweets  shared from their pages. If they did, people have the source re-enforced before they click and those site are likely to pick up new followers as well.  Digital PR Expert Mel Carson – Founder of  DelightfulCommunications
  • Think of press releases as opportunities for social engagement – instead of linking your next press release to a static website, try linking it to your Facebook Page focusing on a video or interesting graphic!  Aaron Kahlow – CEO of Online Marketing Institute
  • Retarget psychographic segments and target media occupations in Facebook and LinkedIn in a grid of “Intent” publications. Marty Weintraub – CEO of aimClear

These are all known tips to us regarding Online marketing and SEO. But that makes a difference when it comes from an experienced and successful person. It adds value. Those who don't follow these, add them to their agenda, while tose who are already follwing continue the work with confidence. Thats what SES aims at the end of the day!

What is SES?

SES is the leading global event series covering the search engine marketing and search engine optimization industry. The conference gives a rare opportunity to the attendees bringing together thought leaders and industry experts surrounding the industry to share-with their expertise and ideas that drove them to success. The last conference was held at Berlin on October 11, while the next one is scheduled to be held at Singapore between November 26 and 28.

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