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 Too many cooks spoil the broth

Social NetworkingGetting more friend or followers is no more important, spamming people cannot bring you any benefits rather than wasting time. Don’t feel sorry to defriend or unfollow spammers.
Spammers can post unwanted inflammatory comments and make your wall to look weird. Let’s say, how one feels if they find comments on your post saying ‘PHYSCHIC’, ‘DOUCHEBAG’, etc. It can easily ruin the reputation and identity of a person or brand.
Moreover, spammers can also invite you to play a dumb quiz, games or post promo codes and offers on to your wall and waster your precious time.

Don’t Blow a fuse in public profile

Social NetworkingTweeting or posting something like ‘I’m angry’, I’m upset’, etc makes no sense and makes the audience feel bored. Avoid political rant or your personal information about the fight with your spouse. Stupid post can easily annoy anyone and probably they will defreind you in course of time.

If you’re right-Cat can look at the king

Provide useful tips and share informative articles to your social network circle. It paves the way to establish credibility and shows the attitude of helpfulness.
David Meerman in His book “Lose Control of Your Marketing” has clearly explained this philosophy to share information and ideas freely; in the long run you will get benefited from others in your social circle.

Do not drink like a fish on all Social Networks

Social NetworkingBe it is for business or personal need, you need not have presence on every social networking sites. It is good to be on sites where your customers and friends are. Needless to say it is hard to maintain by having online presence in every social networking site, sometimes you may feel difficult to remember even the login details of all social networking sites.
Fresh and informative content- King of Search Engines
Nothing can win a well written and informative content. Posting content in different forms including blog posts, webinars, status updates, tweets, video, podcasts, white papers, etc can provide you plenty of benefits. Here we will see some of the top benefits
-Popular search engine Google loves posting fresh and informative content
-Improved search engine ranking
-Content helps to increase identity and proclaim you as a knowledgeable expert
-Easy and effective way to engage with customers
-Brings product and service into limelight when fans and followers share it
Stay your way
Social media is a platform to build trust with customers and other people. Always use your brand avatar or photo, being yourself build authenticity and forms cornerstone for your business.
Surreptitiously pretending as someone else can cause irreversible damage to your business and spoils the whole reputation.

Be real and genuine

Always post information only if they are found to be authentic. Be honest and admit the mistakes, if you have made any.

Discover the social networking world

Social media does not have a specific set of rules, there are still many things which have to be experimented and it is the only way to keep on growing.

Be Natural

It is the first thing you have to keep in mind before engaging in social media activities. Do not try to push your products or services to customers as you do in traditional method of marketing. For instance, do not post messages like ‘visit my website’ or ‘thanks’ for adding me. It is a “pull” medium and not “push”, most of the time it can bring negative effects rather than promoting your business.

Social networking world is your Oyster

Social media is a wonderful place to have fun and regularly posting humorous things gives you unlimited readers. I bet they will stay tuned to watch out different posts, not to say, they will support and help to promote your brand and service. Like any endeavor it will also take it own time to build reputation among customers.

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