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Social Networking on Rise among Women


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According to a recent survey, about 86% of women now use popular social networks and there has been a marked increase in this percentage according to a new study by She Speaks.

women on social networks.jpgWomen have always been known for endless chatter and now they seem to have found their platform in Social networking sites. According to a recent survey, about 86% of women now use popular social networks and there has been a marked increase in this percentage according to a new study by She Speaks.

There are several social networks that have become very popular in the recent times. These include Face book, My Space and Twitter and an increasing number of women are using it. Social networking sites provide information due to which around 50% of social media users have purchased these networking products. Moreover about 40% of women have also used coupon codes which are generally found on social networks.

It is a fact that women above 50 years of age use social media and this percentage has increased from 31% in 2008 to 70% in 2009. The participation of women across all age groups too has increased to a great extent this year.

Researches have also found out that women are more comfortable using social media. This is a great scope for marketers because as the growth and use of social media is increasing, the opportunities to reach and engage women of all ages will also go up resulting in higher purchase. Both Face book and Twitter are popular among women users of social networking. With face book, women can share and interact with closer ones while Twitter is more commonly used as a professional networking site to know the up to date details about news, deals and promotion.  

The founder and CEO of She Speaks, Aliza Freud said that their social media is now taking measures to help the women research, guide and facilitate every kind of required transaction from social exchanges to purchases.   Among several social networks, Face Book is the most popular social network platform among women. The percentage of women users in this site has increased from 46% to 95% within a year. At the same time about 40% of women have accounts in Twitter but still 80% prefer Face Book.

Surveys keep on being conducted and it was found that 25% women having accounts in Twitter abandoned it while the users in Face Book declined only 7%. The daily login rate of Twitter among users is 36% while that of Face book is around 72%.

Online video has grown very popular among women and 40% of women watch video online. On the other hand, around 80 % of women watch it frequently or at times.

The CMO of She Speaks, Fiona Pietruski reports that the members who have an account on their site spend more time to watch the video on the web. Therefore it is entirely the task of the marketers to recognize the potential customers. They will have to recognize the fact that the influential female consumers like to spend more time on different types of digital media. They can be helped only by means of online advertising and marketing.

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