Will Mobile Search Dominate the Online Marketing Industry???

SEO Gurus have been claiming since 2007 that Mobile Searches are all set to dominate the online marketing industry. But have they truly arrived or is it just another gimmick?

When it Doubt….Refer to Statistics!!

Here are a few stats gathered from across the internet to understand if mobile conversions are truly set to dominate search engine marketing…

73% of Mobile Searches Trigger an Additional Reaction

Source- Google/Nielsen Life 360 Mobile Search Moments

Mobile Search Conversion

People who searched for information on mobile phones often followed it up with additional actions. Some of which include further research, visiting the store personally, calling the store, sharing information with friends and family, etc. In some cases it also led to conversions. Here’s a break in percentage of how people reacted;

  • 36% - Researched further about the product
  • 18% - Shared the information with others
  • 17% - Visited the store
  • 7% - Called the store, and

77% of People Search Even When There is a PC

Source- Google/Nielsen Life 360 Mobile Search Moments
Responsive Web Design   The study found that nearly 77% of people are likely to search from a location (home,workplace, etc.) where there is likely to be a PC available. Mobile searches are found to be more convenient and quick when compared to conventional search where users have to waste almost 3-5 minutes waiting for the PC to boot up
  • 83% - People used smart phones while at home
  • 76% - People searched on mobile phones at work
  • 62%- People find mobile search convenient
  • 53%- People find mobile search to be quick

Six Out of Ten Global Executives Use a Tablet

Source: Financial Times Mobile Report

These executives were found to use tablets to checking news, social networking, searching, and shopping.

  • 80%- People use tablets to search the web
  • 69%- People use mobile phones to search the web.
  • 39% - People who walk out of a store without buying a product are influenced by a smartphone. (That probably explains why people use their smart phones at the store)


89% of Businesses in the UK are yet to prepare their website for mobiles phones

Source: Barclays Online Business Outlook 2013

Unfortunately not many businesses (in the UK) have understood the importance of mobile searches. While many agree that mobile search could be an important prospect for future growth, not many have invested time and money here. Apparently, only one in ten online businesses have a mobile app or a mobile friendly website. 

As the mobile market continues to grow exponentially, web owners manage mobile conversions effectively. Some steps for mobile conversion optimization include;

  • Planning a responsive web design 
  • Installing Google features such as ‘Click to Call’ Extensions
  • Introducing Google Maps and other similar features. 
  • Marketing Mobile Apps  etc… 

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