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Finding the best SEO for your website's high SERPs is like buying lemons, or is it? This info-graphy that is based on a concept illustrated in Nobel Prize winner George Akerlof's paper titled, 'A Market for Lemons', best explains on how businesses today face the dilemma of choosing the best SEO companies offering the most workable SEO services. And if one is unable to achieve that, do they go ahead and do some in-house SEO? Does that seem to work in any long-term way? 

Although, the info-graphy eventually brings the novice SEO solution-seeker to light and alerts them of possible cracks in the industry, the seemingly important decision to choose the best SEO still remains a big question mark. At least, all those who thought were in good hands can be made to re-think again and all those who haven't yet set out to choose genuine SEO services can gain a first-hand knowledge advantage with this incredibly crafted piece of SEO information.

SEO Market for Lemons.

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