Surviving Google Panda Update – Claim Your Hubpages Subdomain now!

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Hubpages promotion becoming important than ever before

Hubpages promotion.jpgIt is well known that the majority of the sites hit by the latest Google Panda update 2.3 are the user generated content sites. Being that clear, became the #1 victim of the Google Panda update. However, the good news is that seems to have found a workaround to deal with the panda update. Google’s Matt Cutts contacted Paul Edmondson, the CEO of directly to discuss about improving the rankings. Yes, you read it right Matt Cutts contacted him, not the other way, which is really amazing.

According to WSJ, Paul Edmondson was asked to try subdomains for the hubs which would improve the rankings. Though this is just one of many suggestions that Matt made, Hubpages had tested the subdomain strategy and found success. Subdomains are now live at You could now claim your own sub domains at this social media site and if you hurry you would get the preferred one.

One thing for sure is that Google has peculiar interest in and which makes hubpages promotion very important

We just claimed ours  .

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