Startups are a welcome change

A few months ago, there was a lot of brouhaha in India over mobile phone connections reaching the 100 million mark. In a country where the other 900 odd million do not have access to phones, this isn’t anything to be triumphant about. But consider this among the fact that until a few years ago, the country’s national telecom carrier had managed to install just about 1 phone for multiple villages. A lot many things have changed in the country, thanks to the younger breed of Indians who’ve ditched the conventional path and taken a keen interest on starting on their own.
A startup company aims to light up rural India (sadly there still exists villages that do not have access to electricity). A startup specializing in health has joined hands with Procter and Gamble and aims to reach the poorest of poor by providing them access to pharmacy, clinic, tele-medicine and clean drinking water.

A startup business correspondent appointed by a nationalized bank aims to open an account for old age pensioners and women who are recipients of various government schemes. Besides this, they also aim to help them through a range of services that range from low cost ATM’s to mobile money transfer schemes through rural agents.
A Hyderabad based start-up company links the business and rural community of provide electronic records of over 25 lac framers in Andhra Pradesh, who interact with the Primary Agricultural Cooperatives Societies. The startup works with about 2,750 PACS across the state to provide this service.  

In a country where the divide between the rich and the poor is obscene and with a majority of Indians living in its villages, these startups are a welcome change.

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