“Love the Google your foundation with all your strategies and with all your policies and with all your businesses.”



1. Thou shalt target audience’s Objectives

Targeting the objectives of the clients is the only way to strategic excellence in the competitive market. When deviated from the objectives, the resulting outcome is merely unpleasant as it leads to highly dissatisfied customers which will obviously ruin your reputation over the course of time.  

2. Honor thy Clients’ Business

What matters the most is not who the client is, but what the client’s business is. Just because one can make fortunes by serving any type of businesses without having the right stamina is only digging a pit to its demise. Insightful consultations with the client help understanding their businesses and decide upon the right strategy in bringing their businesses to fruition.  

3. Thou shalt uncover thy market Demands

Understanding the demands of the market is one crucial aspect in business and adapting to it is the bossiest challenge. Trends keep changing in all domains at a constant pace, and so does the interests of the customers. Furthermore, these interests are divided on several bases like gender, age group, location, status, etc. Hence partitioning each of these criteria and further making an in-depth assessment helps acquiring the market by delivering what the customer wants.

4. Thou shalt not abandon SEO nor seek Black Hat SEO

We are now revolutionized into a new era of digital marketing delivering strategic solutions rather than just services. It was when we served SEO with services resulting businesses on top of the search engine results page. But with Google’s rage of algorithmic updates, websites often fall prey to it and get penalized or negatively impacted, thereby losing rankings. If businesses deliver best solutions to customers, it can build its brand and can hit on top of the SERP, given less importance to SEO.

5. Thou shalt not underestimate thy Competitors

For every business in the digital world, there are several competitors hitting on the road to competitive excellence in the market. Each may have a unique way of addressing the solicitations of the customers, whereas some work behind the blanket, hence nobody knows who is posing threat to whom. The solution to this is not to underestimate your competitors, instead watch out for the claws lurking underneath the competitive market.

6. Thou shalt not bear demeaning Strategies

Marketing strategies are what serve as the key constituent in propelling businesses in the digital market. Websites delivered with cutting edge strategy drives in more customers and qualified leads thus strengthening the market base for the long run of businesses. With no second thought, any business run on an odd strategy is definite to meet its demise, even if not in the short run, but at least in the long run. 

7. Thou shalt abide by the Google policies

Google updates its algorithms from time to time resulting in websites either getting penalized or getting off the ranking chart. After all, it is Google who is the king of the Internet. Hence abiding their guidelines is the only fair way to get your wallet fat and to deliver quality experience to users. 

8. Remember to keep thy Brand prominent

Branding is the most prominent facet in adding value to businesses, regardless of the type or size of the business. Brands can instill trust in a matter of seconds, giving an upper hand in delivering services and products in par with the expectations of the target customers. Every element of business should speak of quality, value, and of course, Brand!

9. Thou shalt not have thy Reputation in vain

“You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do”, said by Henry Ford. It’s obvious that, what you are today is what matters to your business. And what you are today is a strenuous work effect in building your business from its scratch. But no matter what you are or who you are it takes just a second to ruin your reputation. With internet in reach for everyone, it is easy to post a negative content online. Needless to say, if you happen to have fired an employee or divorced your spouse then beware, you are a victim to mass destruction.

10. Thou shalt deliver strategic Solutions

Adding value to businesses is solely dependent on the solutions provided by the business to its customers. Make your process streamlined and do what you are best at. Nobody can be under the category of know-all and serve-all, because no customers are the same. Keeping business objectives in mind and delivering strategic solutions to the choice of the customers help sustain the business in the long run even if Google updates its algorithms from time to time. 


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