Despite the ice water challenges and the Lolcat competitions, politics has remained one of the most talked about topics on social media.

Politicians On Social MediaThe fact is rather heartening that when people seem to have disengaged themselves from the crankiness of political parties, they still are interested and talk about the events and values that make the constitutional environment. Facebook and Twitter have been very influencing platforms for politicians across the globe. Social network is also were the voters are and this allows them to directly talk to journalists and share their feedback in real time. The impact has been so much that politicians don’t have a way out without addressing and getting addressed in social media. Here are top 10 politicians from across the globe who have been ‘more than active’ on social networks.

1. Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama has likely been the first politician to have truly understood the power of social networking. His introduction to social media as a world leader was seen in his first campaign itself. By the end of the campaign, he had already gained more than 2.5 million Facebook supporters, 50 million viewers on YouTube and 115,000 followers on Twitter. Today, his updates are seen by more than 45.76 million people on Facebook and 66.30 million people on Twitter.

2. Narendra Modi

The Indian Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is currently ranked as the second most followed political leader on Twitter. In the first 100 days of governance, he was able to add more than 2 million followers and today is just behind US President, Mr. Barrack Obama on Facebook with 28 million fans. In the short span of just one year, Mr. Modi has gained 12 million fans through 908 posts. Further, he has gained more than 459,000 followers on Instagram with a combined likes of 632.2K.

3. Ed Husic

A member of the Australian Labor Party, Ed Husic is incredibly engaged on Twitter. The best thing about his posts is that he doesn’t solely stick to politics. Many of his tweets are about Star Wars, basketball and the conversations with his sister. He was also among the earliest politician to adopt applications like Periscope.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

 The star of Terminator, Arnold had presented quite of a punch on the silver screens. His political career was initiated when the Republican Party asked him to run for the position of Governor for the State of California. Currently, he has more than 14.11 million followers and Facebook and 3.65 million on Twitter.

5. Mitt Romney

The man who served as the Governor of Massachusetts between 2003 and 2007, representing the Republican Party, Mitt Romney has been a constant news in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. He is best remembered in this aspect for his battle with Barrack Obama on Twitter. Mitt Romney has 10.81 million fans on Facebook and 1.68 million followers on Twitter.

6. Queen Rania Al Abdullah

The Queen Consort of Jordan and the better half of Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, the King of Jordan, Queen Rania Al Abdullah has been known for her advocacy towards education, community empowerment, health, cross cultural dialogues, micro financing and youth. She has remained an avid user of social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. She claims 5.38 million fans on Facebook and 4.29 million on Twitter.

7. George W. Bush

The former US President, George Walker Bush has been an adorable social network user. He is currently followed by more than 4.55 million people on Facebook.

8. Sarah Palin

The American commentator, politician and author, Sarah L. Plain served as the Governor of Alaska between 2006 and 2009. She commands 4.55 million followers on Facebook and 1.19 more on Twitter.

9. Bill Clinton

Another lover American President, Bill Clinton has been in the news several times over his activism in social sites. He currently has 3.36 million people following him on Facebook.

10. The British Monarchy

The royalty is followed by more than 2.24 million fans on Facebook and 1.51 more on Twitter.


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