Google is going back and forth with unnatural link warnings and posting updates on about which messages must cause webmasters hairfall and which messages could make them go bald.

Unnatural Link Warnings Makes my Head Spin.jpgWe have spoken in the past about what unnatural links were and how they affect the ranking of your site post Google Penguin update.  We have also commented in the past on a news post that clarified Matt Cutts message on the link warnings on Google+. 

Now we hear more about these unnatural links that result in the generation of multiple formats of unnatural link warnings which might confuse the webmasters at first glance. Well, let's not lose hope yet or criticize Google (like most of them are doing today). Let us look at the action points that can be confered from the Search Engine mammoth's warning messages.

The original link warning message was issued just before Google Penguin update that was released on April 24th 2012. It looked something like this:

Original Link Warning Message.png

Google says, " that can happen when we believe a site has been engaging in a pretty widespread pattern of link spam over a long period of time." 

MEANING: This message is PRETTY DAMN SERIOUS and if action is not taken immediately your site would see some permanent ranking damage by the Google Penguin.

We do not have a screenshot of the new link warning message issued by Google though. They could've blogged a screenshot of the "not to worry much about" message so that we do not rack our brains thinking on how it would look. What I could confer out of their blog is their link warning message would probably look like something I have illustrated below.

New Link Warning Message.png

Google says,"We wouldn't classify these messages as purely advisory or something to be ignored, or only for innocent sites."

MEANING: Although this might not cause serious damage to overall site ranking you may be de-ranked for certain keyphrases that are built by pointing spammy links. You know it's a less serious link warning messages when it is missing the Yellow Exclamatory sign as shown in tha above screenshot.

Google adds,"When you get the new link message, you can download backlinks to your site via Google Webmaster tools and check the nature of links pointing towards your site off late.  If you discover that someone in your company has been doing widgetbait, paid links, or serious linkspam, it's worth cleaning that up and submitting a reconsideration request."

download links to your site.png

GOOD NEWS: Only 1/10th of the typical number of messages Google normally sends in a month cover these new link warning messages. This means your chances of getting this new link warning messages is quite meek.

BAD NEWS: Google sends this new link warning messages to some webmasters that it classifies as "INNOCENT". It is not evident yet whether these INNOCENT webmasters must take action on their site or just take it as an advice for some futuristic 'natural' link building. Below is the message for the innocent webmasters.

Innocent sites Link warning messages.png

We have no clue whether or not link warning messages part II differs in anyway for innocent sites classified by Google. Let's wait and watch for more updates on Google's WebmasterCentral Blogpost.

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