Quickly Verify Your Site Ownership

Google Webmaster Tools, now provide you an easy access to verify the ownership of your website. As a new update, you can now quickly verify your ownership after adding and updating the websites tags through Google Tag Manager, using the Content Snippet code. The step wise process is explained below as per the google guidelines given in Google Webmasters Blog.

Step 1:

Before verifying your site, you need to first add it to the google webmaster tools. Add your site using Add site  from the top right corner of the  google webmasters tools homepage.

Step 2:

Open google webmaster tools homepage. Choose the website (web URL) that you need to verify and then click Manage site from the right end. From the dropdown, choose Verify this Site.  It is must that you should have the account level permissions to view, manage and edit the site. Get your Website Audit Services here

Verify the Site


Step 3:

Once you click on Verify this Site, a verification page will open. Here select Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager


Step 4:

As the final step, click Verify from the bottom of the page as shown in the image above. Now your site will be verified.

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