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With online video uploads and viewership surging ahead like no time before, the daily average viewing time has also increased manifold. According to Comscore, 184 million US Internet users watched 42.6 billion online videos in October 2011, at an average of 21.1 hours per viewer, which is an all-time high. YouTube was ranked the top online video content property in October with 161 million unique viewers who watched 20.9 billion videos spending 7.1 hours on an average. In short, video sites are fast becoming one of the most flocked places on the net. The year 2011 has witnessed a 97% growth in video views while video ads have grown even more, with 7.2 billion Ad views – a phenomenal 128% increase.

As there are billions of videos on to popular video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and others, and many thousands being uploaded everyday, there is always the chance that some videos can slip through the cracks and go unviewed if it is not optimized and promoted according to a definite strategy. A few days ago, YouTube rolled out some major changes to their video broadcasting platform with multiple enhancement, which has furthered viewership and consequently there is a scramble among marketers to provide video content of the services or products they sell. Posting video Ads has suddenly skyrocketed and so the demand for good Video Optimization and Submission service providers have emerged parallel to the surging demand for views.

Find visibility with Video Optimization & Video Distribution

The online advertising medium is becoming better than the TV in reaching the right audience though marketers and promoters of businesses have to spend less and can expect better customer engagement, interaction, and monetization. With trends continuing as they are and with scope of escalating many times more in the future,  videos and video ads are likely to become one of the most vital parts of any business's online marketing strategy. The returns from well marketed videos are incomparable to any other in online marketing and statistically speaking, it is apparent that videos are 53 times more likely to receive first-page organic ranking than websites on popular search engines, including Google.

While the scramble for posting videos on YouTube and other popular video directories is driving up competition like no time before, not all are aware of the need to employ the latest video optimization and submission techniques so as to prevent the possibility of that painstakingly shot videos falling invisible and useless.  As video viewership is sure to influence marketing techniques and methodology for some time to come, promoting videos by distribution and bookmarking on all major video directories is sure to enhance visibility, which is the primary motive of all video and video Ad producers. There are few important factors to consider while optimizing videos for Video Bookmarking and Video distribution.

Few key points to consider before optimizing video for submission and promotion.

Keyword: The first step in video promotion is to decide upon which keyword to use in your video title and description so that the right query into the video search box will find your video and there are a good video optimization services who can find the keyword fit to point to your video. Finding relevant keywords under which you want your video to show up will help display your video content to interested users.

Title: All videos should have a title or headline for the purpose identifying and differentiating one video from similar others. Using the right keyword in the title of the video will prove significant in searches and can unearth a plethora of high traffic. Use of keyword at the beginning and end of the title is advised for maximum optimization benefit.

Description: Find a good SEO Copywriter to write a short and snappy description in 100 words or so, while maintaining a keyword or keyword phrase density of 6 to 8% would help the search engine crawler locate your video amongst the billion others. Moreover, an apt description will compel viewers to click on the video link as the description will provide details of what your video is made of. Also include supporting keywords in the description to complement the primary keyword and you are sure to enjoy the rewards that stem from it.

Tags: Just like tagging a blog post, you need to add five to ten tags to your video. If you are in the process of targeting more keywords or tags, it is recommend that you use an additional video.

Links: Video Promotion needs high quality, do-follow links and finding links partner can prove to be very beneficial in the long-run.

Comments and Shares:  A video can establish credibility in a short time by accumulating a good volume of comments and shares and with it the video gains more authority. As long as the video returns value to the end-user, it is sure to rank well in the search pages and might even go viral.

Video Bookmarking:
Video bookmarking on all popular social media sites would multiply your exposure and visibility levels and would generate a buzz in the social media circles, in addition to links from some of the top social medial platforms. Find a cost effective, quality Video Optimization, Submission, Bookmarking and Promotion service that can profile, distribute, bookmark and promote your video to maximize visibility, engagement and to multiply your ROI.

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