And Why Search Engine Friendly Optimization is a Necessity?

SEO Client.jpegOwning a business web site is comparable to owning a road going, commuter car, which unless is worked upon to the standard, is never ready for the (business) race track. But to put it on the business race track, you got to find the right kind of developers, builders, and optimizers, who should not only claim to know all about SEO, but let their work show returns on the track. With so many fake SEO’s on the sprout, clients who reach for services aren’t sure where to find a client friendly SEO agent. And even the authentic SEO agents, sometimes fail to offer the required page optimizing solutions, or even to advice clients about the necessity of creating search engine friendly (SEF) pages before optimizing for the next level of marketing and promotional campaigns.

Search Engine Friendly Schema Makes it User Friendly too

Whether or not site owners understand that creating a Search Engine Friendly and user friendly sites through better keyword lists, punchy sales copies, optimized site structure, minimal number of clicks that leads to the content-in-search, SEF architecture that aids easy navigation, and clear-cut channels for marketing to reach clients who would end up as conversions, SEO’s have to ethical responsibility to educate them on the ‘what’s’ and the ‘How’s’ when clients pay and seek solutions. While the Landing page URLs that figure on the SERPs, against search engine queries, are being evaluated by Google’s URL evaluators, pages should be optimized in such a way as to figure within the first couple of search engine result pages, which would also enable a bigger compulsion for the customers to click on you.

In addition, the more harmonious a website schema is, the easier it becomes to navigate that website. Bad attitude developed over confusing navigation on a website, is more like the attitude developed toward a bad ad, which has direct correlation to the acceptance or rejection of the brand displayed on the site’s pages. Likewise, a positive experience that gradually forms over good site basics and navigation is sure to transfer the same experience toward a new product or service on the site. While partnering an SEO agent who can tune your site and top it up with a report on the attained results is hard to find, there are many who blow their trumpets louder than they are worth and do little to find you the right returns. Only diligence will help you find a SEO partner, who guides you towards better ROI and delivers on the promise.

The Googlization of Search and the Panda Penalties

google-panda-update.jpg2011 was the year of the Panda, when it was time to rethink strategy starting from the landing page, which bids you to reorganizing the URL, meta-structure, meta-data, the content, the site-structure, PageSpeed, schema elements, Social Media signals and every other thing that would fall within the Search Engine perspective to gain a better ranking, and 2012 is not showing any signs of deviation from the past, though we can expect more additions to the same logic. If you are still cursing the Panda for what it has done to you, it is also time you analyzed what went wrong with your website and how you handled it.

Well, the 2011 Panda is only an indicator that there could be more to follow as search engines algorithms are being bettered to bring out the best search results, and unless we are prepared to find recourse that get the basics right for any websites, only those who don't cater to the desired search engine standards need worry about what the next Panda-like update could do and you know, who the loser would be. It would be foolish to stand your ground and blame the algorithms for ‘what went wrong’ when the ‘wrong’ is within us to rectify. Google implemented some 30 additions to its value system in the last month of 2011, and with the 2012 updates set to happen earlier than expected there sure is a lot more to follow, as Google stands by its resolve to help users find the best answers against a query for which websites that are found good, in Google’s terms, rank. And Google has to be taken into account as it dominates the search engine domain with an 80% global market share.

Optimizing beyond the Landing page

Landing Page Optimisation Strategy.jpgThere are a few things to consider for you to shoot your way up the search pages, like optimizing all your web pages instead of just the landing page, which is often being rated by human raters, at least for Google against a set of pre-defined indices. While Google’s leaked 2011 URL rating scheme would give you some idea on how to manage your landing page and the others, it doesn’t end there. Optimizing the landing page is one option that site owners can’t over-ride, though every page on the site counts in finding the best ranking on the SERPs as one page with duplicate content or wrong schema or site architecture can spoil the rest of the pages on the website resulting in a low page rank. Duplication of content in the sub-pages and flaws in design, coding, site structure and architecture can lead to degradation of a site in no time, when Panda is still in force. The best possible solution is to rectify the present against future damages by optimizing every page on the site, while also making probable off-page marketing and ranking solutions thereby making onsite and offsite solutions work together towards higher organic ranking and more traffic that monetizes in lesser cost per customer acquired.

So inorder to let SEO, SEM and SMP work to your benefit, start with optimizing the landing page and let the effect flow to the linking pages. Your landing page only succeeds when all of its elements work together to persuade visitors to take an action.  Yet, the task is never an easy task to make valuable conversions from a single page as it requires a deep analysis of whom you are targeting, what they are looking for, and the art of developing a message that will appeal to the masses yet feel personalized enough for every individual visitor. Unless your site is search engine friendly, you would not stand to gain the actual benefit of any number of campaigns, as the site would function like a bottomless pit that never fills up. Building search engine friendly pages is not the same as optimizing a website for top search engine ranking performance.

Finding the Right Recourse

SEO Client.jpgAny owner of a website, who has been in the business of selling a service or a product for a year or more, knows Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Promotion are vitally necessary to bring in customers within the stipulated marketing budget, unless over shooting the limit would mean more conversions. Moreover, 2012 is going to see the expansion of the SEO budget for over 72% of the businesses according to research stats. Optimizing and marketing against a growing list of keyword phrases is useless unless there is a real demand that can get you bigger profits while it would make sense to score on a few that would convert into profit. Moreover, all these would work to your favor when you have products and services on your site that has some demand and is priced to provoke a customer to buy.

To build or retune your website so as to make it SEF, the existing flaws should be analyzed and the site reconstructed with an understanding of visitor usability and needs to be built on a sound architecture that would channelize visitors through conversion funnels, in addition to making it friendly for search engines bots to index your page. Once your site is made SEF, then you would find better returns from the SEO, SEM and SMM/P strategies that can continuously be employed till you attain the visibility and ranking that would result in more organic traffic and conversions on your site. Inspite of  both SEF and SEO, requiring two entirely different approaches, the efforts need to be a coordinated to maximizes the efficiency of the site.

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