Google seems to be caught up in the habit of coming up with the most controversial updates, be it on search or a product update. This time its Google Project Glass making news again.

Sergey Brin with Google Glass.pngOn June 27th 2012, Sergey Brin officially announces that Google's Project Glass is out for the grabs in a limited edition called "Explorer Editiion". Any guesses for how much it costs? Well it's all over the internet. The Google glass is offered at $1500 and only available to conference attendees of Google I/O Developers Conference, San Francisco. Sure, that's a huge publicity for the conference not to forget the glasses itself. Talking about the term Project Glass however, one seems to wonder, or probably its just me who seems to wonder why it is called so when there is no actual GLASS involved? Oh well, Penguin updates and Panda updates never had anything to do with the innocent little animals either, but hey this is a prototype of an eyewear so it should make sense when someone wonders why there is no "glass" involved. 

Alright, coming back to the popular news of the hour, Sergey says that the glass will only be available to the consumer market by early 2014. Until, then you would have to manage with your boring smart phones, tablets and laptops (he din't say the latter part of the sentence). Also, he admits that the Google Project Glass needs some bug-fixing in the meantime and a way to make the battery last the whole day. Talk about enough confidence that people would love the glasses to an extent that they would even want to make it semi-permanent gadgets on the face. 

While most of the news sites is going ga-ga about the Google Glass's official unveiling, begs to differ and I being a totally old-fashioned woman also seem to completely agree with them. 

"Having to physically sport some kind of kit – unless it is seamlessly worked into something you need to wear anyway (such as skiing goggles which have an in-built GPS system so the device can let the wearer know their speeds and whereabouts) – rarely feels natural or deliver benefits worthy of the effort involved, which for many, defeats the very point of technology," is what Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor of seems to think of the Google gadget in news. 

I wonder what is the age group that Google plans to target with this newest product? I am thinking it is mostly the 20 - 30 somethings who would be awed with the new technology, like they always are with anything new and popular. As long as they train themselves to multitask with this device whilst walking on the road they would be ok. But I still feel the Google Glass must have a "glass" just like a normal pair of spectacles or goggles would have. You do not want your eye coming across debris in the air whilst talking to friends or locating a place on Google map on the glasses. Also, this can provide a funkier name to the Google Glass project - 'Google Goggle' or much more fictional a name like - 'Google Eye'. 

Anyway, let me know what you think about the Project Glass? Do you think it would be a hit? or Do you think it would be long forgotten by the time it reaches the market and other smart phone companies come up with something really smarter than the Google smarteyewear?

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