Why is Twitter the most important social property for a celebrity?

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Every tweet by Justin Beiber is followed by at least 65 million fans.

Social property for a celebritySimilarly, Katy Perry is followed by 74.92 million fans and the US President Barrack Obama has a fan following of 63.55 million. Several celebrities have become proficient in promoting their brands (themselves) on social networks and the corporate world can get to learn a lot many things from their playbooks. While there certainly isn’t a single vehicle for brand marketing, celebrities have gained a lot by capitalizing on the platform presented by Twitter. On one part, Twitter engages the audience like nowhere else and on the other hand, the use of hashtags filters out important messages related to the keyword. Here’s why celebrities have been highly active on Twitter over the past couple of years and will continue to do so:

Creating a brand awareness

Twitter has helped launch several celebrities find a mass market on the internet. A fine example has been the British band called One Direction. For the band, the initial days was a small bunch of followers trying to spread the word. Today, One Direction has gained worldwide attention and recognition, thanks to Twitter and their Tweeting fans! The boys now have a minimum of 70 million collective followers who get updates of everything they do, say or plan.

Building an emotional relationship

People rate/remember celebrities by the emotional connection they have been able to make and how their deeds make them feel. Twitter offers an opportunity to celebrities to connect with each individual fan at a more personal level, a chance to foster loyalty. On the other side, the followers too get to know more about the celebrities, their daily life and thus treating them more like humans than ‘stars’! When Justin Beiber was bedridden earlier in 2015, the news was re-tweeted more than 130 thousand times and there was a huge outpour of “get Well Soon” messages.

Maintaining the brand image

Some celebrities have even gone to the extent of engaging teams to manage their Twitter handles and ensure that their image in rightly handled. Afterall, saying things in just 140 character makes you think more than writing a lengthy update on Facebook. Regardless of who manages the accounts, celebrities get to handle all rumors and address questions personally. There is no better way to handle criticism than facing them personally. Oprah, the Queen of Daytime used Twitter to clear up questions on how much efforts she put into her philanthropic efforts. This even made some of her followers stand in defense against the criticisms raised over her. Though celebrity gossips sell, be it a rumor or a truth, the truth needs to be pointed at when the news gets too wayward. This is also the best way to get updated on first-hand information and not depend on the views put forth by a journalist.


The show business isn’t an easy career and it is crucial that celebrities are able to maintain their relevance and stay in the spotlight. Whether it is tweeting about the fashion trends or posting selfies on vacation, celebrities always need to create a buzz around their life. Twitter offers a platform to both get fan feedback and spread the word. Live Tweeting has also become a profiting tool for reality stars and news channels. The Kardashian Sisters have been using Live Tweets to win over more than 37 million followers who are literally checking every move they make. Singers similarly have been using Twitter to drive the sale of iTunes.

Twitter certainly is a unique opportunity for celebrities to gain control over their messages. If you are looking to get noticed, Twitter doesn’t have an alternative.


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