Will Googlization takeover 2012?


Google is on the brink of forcing a shift in the web marketing strategies and search results in 2012 as its algorithms are swinging towards user intended decisions(+1's) giving way to more personalized searches resulting in exactly what users want to see. With more than 30 algorithmic updates in 2011, Google redefined the way users find content on the web, placing high emphasis on quality over quantity in addition to asserting the need for websites to restructure data to suit the Google algorithms so that its crawler can better pull out information. Google emphasis on page restructuring with clear meta-data will help its bots collect more data with ease from which both users and marketers will benefit. Sites with metadata that fall within Google’s demands will find more prominence in the search results making it easier for users to consume. 

Before the first quarter of 2012 is over, Google will be rolling out a few more algorithmic changes that would bring more direct results into the Search results pages as Google intends to incorporate data into its search results more like Math, Flight Search and Political Analytics. Google will be minimizing the user need of clicking through deeper site pages to get to the required information while promoting the luxury of questions being answered faster and more simply. This change is sure to affect marketers who rely on visitors clicking through to deeper pages. But on the other hand, Google is aiding local businesses find customers with Google Places which is more on the lines of a free yellow page ad which promotes local businesses against competition through the social signals generated by customers who recommend products/services and also by directories, reviews, other websites referrals. Quality services/products is the keyword Google leverages to promote business to the top. 

As for the Android OS market share in 2012, Gartner predicts a 49.2% market share which is more than iOS, RIM, Microsoft and Symbian combined. Google’s parlay into the mobile phone arena has already scared competitors out of their wits and in the coming months we would be seeing Google occupying diverse portfolios across a variety of industries in addition to what it dominates today, putting behind the many lawsuits. Google will also become a designer and producer in addition to being the software and applications provider for a number of gadgets from mobile phones and tablets to television and more that would be invading our living spaces. 

Google’s tremendous advertising presence and domination of the online space where it makes others to pay to compete against it gives it an advantage that no other can match. The last quarter of 2011 saw Google limiting the open data to marketers by 10 to 15% and there could be more restrictions unless they’re willing to pay. Google will be rolling out more surprises and product enhancements in addition to new launches throughout 2012 in an effort to enrich the user experience as it establishes even stronger partnerships while pushing the web marketers to reconsider and find a recourse to suit the search giant and its interests.

Looking behind, the flurry of changes implemented by Google’s in the second half of 2011 gives us a rough estimate of what we can look forward to in 2012, more so because of the 1000+ patent acquisitions from Motorola Mobility and IBM. Giving something for everyone and all, Google has established a footprint far greater for any to overwrite or erase as business, community, politicians, celebrities, and the not so famous 'us' have access to a number of life aiding day-to-day features and products like Maps, Photos, voice, video, blog, Scholar, Product search, Analytics, books, music,  mobiles, checkout, wallet etc.) and when Google+, Google Chrome and Android mobile technology are taking off and finding wider and faster user embrace, 2012 could be the breakout year for Google as the world grows more in love with “all things Google.”

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