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For those Google addicts who switched to ‘Windows 8’ which entered the market yesterday, you should have felt embarrassed noticing Bing to be your default search engine. Don’t worry since Google has a way out for you from this problem. Google has launched a search application and Chrome browser specially made for Windows 8, replacing Bing as the default search engine. The process is well explained as a video put on Google’s blog page that is as below:

Get Your Google Back – How?

Anyone who wishes for a switch can enter into Google’s “Get Your Google Back” page, follow the guidelines until you successfully download and install the new Google search application and the Chrome browser. The first step involves downloading the Google search app, specifically designed for Windows 8’s tiled UI, while the second step involves downloading a version of the Chrome browser again specifically designed for Windows 8. Google mentions in its blog that the new Chrome designed for Windows 8 is the very same one that we are familiar with “some customizations to optimize for touch screens, including larger buttons and the ability to keep Chrome open next to your other favorite apps.” And the Google search application qualifies voice search and recognition, lying on a clean and recognizable user interface. It offers swipe-friendly image previews, instant-Google-search optimized as usual and the “doodles” app entertains users as before appearing on the app’s tile over the start screen. The video is accompanied by a joyous music in the background probably by which Google insists that it never panics when Microsoft is vibrant getting into action.

While garnering reviews on this new app launch by Google most of the users prefer to stay with IE10, since it is well optimized and has more advantages when it comes to touch and tablets. While some say that IE10 lacks WebGL and does not have some of the cutting edge HTML support that Chrome has. Most majorities feel Firefox to be unstable and slow, and Chrome to be the best browser for PCs.

Bad News

Alas! And at the end comes the bad news (if only you are a die-hard fan of Google and its search platforms). The Google Search app is only for Windows 8 and not for Windows RT. Danny Sullivan confirms. He mentions in his article –

                                  “I figured a Microsoft denial was more likely than Google not being on the ball enough to have its app ready for Windows RT. After all, Google already missed an opportunity to provide Apple iOS 6 users with a Google Maps app by apparently not anticipating one would be needed. Why would Google make the same mistake with Windows RT?”

And what has Google to say on this –

                                   “Our understanding is that Windows on ARM [Windows RT] will not support a version of the Chrome browser. Internet Explorer will be the only desktop web browser on ARM-based devices.”

That’s when Microsoft corrects Google’s statement insisting that they never “BLOCK” –

                                           “With Windows RT we’re committed to meeting customer expectations for core experiences while also giving customers the choice of a wide range of applications and services from other providers, all easily accessed from the Windows Store. If developers want to build a browser for Windows RT devices they can do so through the Windows Store, similar to other mobile device ecosystem.”

Debatable comments

  • “actually chrome/google have a lot less ads than bing. I was shocked using bing today, by mistake, seeing 10 paid ads before a single search result. eeeeuuuuwww!!!!!”
  • “I find chrome pretty cr@p on my a500 tablet (pref the stock Android browser) would would I even consider it for Windows tablet? Like Mapple, Google are concerned of the direct competition from MS, Google are on their second version of a tablet OS and it's still sluggish far more so than Surface RT.”
  • “Installed Google search and Chrome on my fresh Win8 installation, but Chrome is not my default browser - I only use it in desktop. The new IE is much better with touch than Chrome - so it is my new default for Metro - and it is really really fast.”
  • “The first thing I did after installing Windows 8, was to delete Bing and do this.”
  • “One thing I don't get Google is, why the hell you want yourself back on Windows? Why not just go ahead and develop an Operating System as powerful as Windows? But can you, Google?”

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