Exact Match Domain – What do people think after the EMD update [Infographic]

Geno Thampi
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The linkedin discussion on impact of EMD update

Google Penguin Update

It has been exactly one month since I wrote an article “Would you buy an “Exact Match” Domain after the EMD update?” This algorithm update from Google which targeted POOR QUALITY exact match domains is slowly loosing popularity nowadays. However, this update has left all the webmasters owning exact match domains in panic. There were many good exact match domain websites which got hit in the crossfire. The only option left for such websites is to write back to Google for a reconsideration (I don’t understand why Google calls it reconsideration when the mistake is actually theirs) and pray for a response. So what would people with exact match domains do? Should they migrate their websites to branded domains? What if an exact match domain is available today? Would you buy it? We took these questions to the SEOmoz public group in linkedin and the responses we got were surprising. Nobody fears Google algorithm updates any more:


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