The right media to use with Pinterest Marketing

Everyone says Pinterest marketing really works in bringing referral traffic to a website along with taking the brand image to new heights. However, Pinterest is an image sharing social network and the only media that can be effectively used are the images. Back in February, I wrote an article about the best practices to use Pinterest for social media marketing based on the first look of the trending social network. Today, after almost 10 months, I have some clear ideas on how to get into Pinterest and what type of images you need to use to go viral.

Pinterest public profile for business

Last week we had the great news when Pinterest announced the availability of the “Pinterest Business Pages”. I was a little worried to hear this announcement initially because I was using a personal Pinterest profile as a business page and spent good amount of time maintaining that. Pinterest seems to understand people better and thankfully, they had an option where we can convert our existing personal profile into a business page with just one click.

Opening a new Pinterest profile for your business (Converting your personal Pinterest profile to a business page)

Pinterest Business Page Signup is where you can open a new public Pinterest page for your business. There is an option right on this page to convert your existing personal Pinterest profile into a business page if needed. Creation of the business page is pretty straight forward where you provide very few information and upload your company logo and you are ready to go. There isn’t much to play around in terms of customization of the profile as of now.

Don’t forget to verify your website – Couldn’t find any real use as of now

Verified Pinterest Profile

Pinterest also gives us an opportunity to get our website verified. Simply download the verification file and upload it to the root path of your website. Once uploaded, come back to Pinterest and verify the upload. Now there would be a verified sign on your Pinterest business profile. Though this certainly increases the authenticity of the profile, I was not able to find any other user with verifying. Anyways we do not want to miss any future benefits that verified profiles can get!

What type of images to use for Pinterest marketing?

Images are proven to be the best type of media to be shared within any social network. You would have noticed many images go virally shared in Facebook. With Pinterest, the only option is to post images. Product images are the first choice when it comes to Pinterest marketing. If your website is dealing with products, I would recommend adding all the product images to your Pinterest business profile. You shouldn’t download the images from your website and pin them, instead, just enter your url in Pinterest and let it grab the image automatically. By doing so, you can get the image hyperlinked back to your target page.  Alright, now we all know that product images work great for Pinterest marketing, but what if you do not have any products? This is where the infographics, hand drawn images and the quote images (we call them the quotographics) come into play.

Why are infographics great for Pinterest Marketing?

Infographics have better visibility – The infographics are displayed in full length which certainly highlights among the other images. Now, as the infographics carries interesting information, it would be virally repined into other profiles.

Infographics in pinterest

With a single infographic, you can get the following benefits:

As the number of repins increase – Rise in the number of quality social signals, which in turn helps in a boost of search engine Pinterest Marketingrankings of your website.
Remember? The infographic carries your brand – The infographics can be attributed to your brand. Usually the brand attribution is done at the top or bottom of the infographic. So as the infographic is shared virally, your brand gets shared along with it. With a series of infographics published, your brand recognition would reach new heights.
Referral traffic from the hyperlink – It is always the best approach to publish the infographic somewhere in your website or blog and then use the “add pin” option in Pinterest to add the image. This would create a hyperlink (backlink) on the image which would drive good amount of referral traffic to your website.

Are infographics costly? Go for cheaper options such as quote images or hand drawn pictures
Great infographics always require lots of work. If you are getting the infographics design by third-party companies, they become costly at times as well. Thankfully, there are alternatives for that as well. If you are good at hand drawing images, you can always fire up your imagination and create something that relates to your business. Checkout out Pinterest board where we had created some hand drawings related to SEO. If there are not such artists in your team, the quote images “Quotographics” which are floating in all social networks would be a good pic. Find quotes related to your niche and design it along with a catchy image. Such quotographics go virally shared in Pinterest and all other social networks.

So, now you know what you need to do for “Pinterest marketing”!

If you need any help or advice with your Pinterest Marketing strategies, just write back to me and I would be happy to help.

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