Pinterest Promotion and Social Media Marketing trend of 2012 – Making the most out of it

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Images win in social media

Image promotionBefore a couple of years images rarely got any welcome for online promotion as the content in the images are not indexed by the search engines. Then came social media marketing which is human powered unlike SEO which is search engine spider powered. The images would have been blind to the search engine bots, but for the humans, “one picture is worth a thousand words!”  Remember? This fact has been proven with the social media trends of 2012. The most shared type of media in the social media sites and social networks are images. Images which are spread in the social media come in many forms such as quotes embedded in images, infographics, funny characters and much more.

Facebook crowd loves images
There were experiments where 5 different types of media were distributed to facebook and the virility of the content was measured. Images won hands on for the reach and virility compared to the text content that was posted to the facebook wall.

Pinterest promotion demands images
Everyone now knows the interesting fact that Pinterest acquires the second place in terms of sending referral traffic to a website. Pinterest is entirely based on images and is now living up to the fact that images speak louder than words.

The entire social media crowd loves images, but do all businesses have images for promotion in social media?

It is a common misconception among marketers that social media promotion using images is successful only for websites that have portfolios, eCommerce websites that have product images and local business websites and real estate websites with pictures of locations. Social media marketing using images is not restricted to any business. If your website/ business don’t produce any image that would grab the attention of the social media, you have many other options. You can create images in the forms of:

-    Create catchy infographics with facts and statistics related to your niche
-    Quotes embedded in images along with your branding (Known as quotographics)
-    Create unique characters to represent your business and offer tips

Images are the answers to the social media marketing puzzle
Gone are the days when everyone used to wonder about the right approach of social media marketing. Start your social media marketing campaign along with Pinterest promotion today by sharing images and see your brand awareness grow. Because images and social media is the perfect combination and the trend of social media market in 2012.


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