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Infographic marketing

It is a true fact that one picture is equal to a thousand words. That is the reason why the conventional banner ads have been quite successful when compared to the text ads and anchor links. However, when it comes to paid banner ads, there are several restrictions. Starting with the limitation of space for presenting the convertional message to the monthly charges you pay, banner ads are complicated. Wouldn’t that be good if there was a solution which provided you unlimited real estate to present your ideas for an on time fee and then remains published online for a lifetime for free? That’s infographic marketing.

Here are some pointers where infographics win over the conventional banner ads
  • One time spend for the design and syndication and after that, the infographic remains presented to the audience forever.
  • No limitation in space. You can turn your ideas into visual masterpieces with full freedom of unlimited space. Hence the message would be conveyed properly to the target audience.
  • Infographics are like billboards of your business in the center of the online town, while banner ads are tiny “post-its”. Compared to the banner ads, infographics have 300% more visibility.
Here is an infographic based on a case study on infographic marketing, which shows the real power of this unique strategy. 
Infographic marketing infographic
The service used in the case study is available at

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