Why document sharing would be among the best content marketing strategies in 2013? [Infographic]

Geno Thampi
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The silent performer is back again

SlideShare Infographic

I have been a fan of the document sharing strategy ever since we started offering it as a service based on the research made on its effectiveness in SEO and social media marketing. This was in fact the most popular strategy to get maximum views for appealing content in 2010 and 2011. During 2012, when the main focus turning towards tackling the series of algorithm updates from Google, this unique strategy was forgotten for a while. However, this strategy has been a silent performer all these days.

When I was reading through today’s SEO and social media marketing news, I came across this interesting infographic shared by socialmediaexaminer.com, actually published by columnfivemedia.com. This infographic is about the growth of the document sharing website “Slideshare”. Slideshare tops the list of document sharing sites along with docstoc, scribd, yuddu and 30 more similar sites. So, do you need to know how document sharing sites such as slideshare can help you with content marketing in 2013? Here is the infographic that says it all.

Slideshare Infographic

So, what do you think? Will document sharing support you in content marketing? Share your thoughts.

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