I really cannot “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge”


Wikipedia is shutdown starting 10.30 AM (IST) today January 18 as a protest against SOPA. The Wikipedia blackout has a great impact as people out there would be off grid from all authentic and free information online. A good way indeed to protest the anti-piracy bill. However, it looks like Wikipedia didn’t want to shut down and lock information. Intentionally or unintentionally, there are many loopholes to breach the shut doors of wiki. The interesting thing about the possibilities of breach is that, you don’t have to be the savvy hacker from “Die hard 4.0” to access wiki during the Blackout day.

Here you go. The 2 simplest approaches to get access to information from Wikipedia during the blackout today:

1. A perfect timed hit of the escape key
– You would have noticed that the requested page first shows up and then after a couple of seconds, the page disappears, and the dark spooky blackout page appears. I was fooled when I opened a wiki page today; as I thought Wikipedia left the page open for me. Before I could tell everyone, “hey! Look Wikipedia works fine for me”, the blackout page appeared. So what happens if we stop the loading page as soon as the information opens up? Simple! There is no blackout.

Hit the escape button as soon as the Wikipedia page is open and then it would not be redirected to the blackout page. Information is all open for you. This does not need any technical knowledge at all but just the perfect timing to hit the escape key to stop the page loading.

2. Disable Javascript in the browser – The auto redirect to the blackout page seems to be a javascript function. Disable javascript in your browser and then browse Wikipedia just as you would, on any normal day. No blackout, no shut doors. Free information is openly available. You can find the option to disable javascipt in almost all the browsers under tools. Here is the navigation structure for popular browsers that allows you to disable javascript:

Firefox: Tool >> Options >> Content (Tab)>> Remove the check box from “Enable Javascript”
Chrome: Click the small tool (settings Icon) to the top right to open settings >> Under the Hood >> Content Settings >> Do not allow any site to run JavaScript
Opera: Settings >> Advanced (Tab) >> Content >> Remove the check box from “Enable Javascript”
IE7: Tools >> Internet Options >> Security tab >> Custom level button >> under the Scripting category of the new pop up disable all

If you are a strong supporter of the protest, we highly recommend not to try any of these tips or any other tips available online to access Wikipedia during blackout.

I really cannot “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge” and I need free information every second of a day. Couldn’t resist trying to access Wikipedia during blackout. I believe wiki doesn’t mind and these loopholes were intentional.

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