Are SEO services considered as spamming by Google? – Hear the answer from Google itself

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You won’t believe till someone such as Matt Cutts says it!

matt cuttsI am sure that even today, there would be many out there thinking if it is legal or “okay” in Google’s eyes to implement SEO strategies. There are a few people who think they are taking a big risk in doing SEO to their websites. Obviously according to them, they are tricking the search engines to find their website. Thus they explain, SEO is a “TRICK” to make search engine bots index your website and rank high for the competitive keywords. I recently got a client on "live support" who just plainly asked, "how can you say Google doesn’t consider the SEO strategies as spamming?" For that person, and to many with the same question, I dug out a precious video where Matt Cutts explains a lot about SEO.

According to Matt, SEO IS NOT SPAM or NOT A VILLAIN to them. He clearly states that there are countless numbers of SEO strategies that could be performed to make the website visible. He says that organic SEO helps their search quality increase by helping people find what they want. Towards the end of the video Matt says, till the day Google bots gain automated intelligence to present searchers with information SEO is really going to help improve the quality of search.

SEO Tips from Matt Cutts
As you see, Matt emphasizes some SEO strategies to be used with every website. All these SEO factors have been emphasized throughout SubmitINme and all my articles as well. The tips are:

  • Make all the areas of your website crawlable and easily to index by the search engine bots. This can be achieved with the help of robots.txt at webmaster tools along with many other on page factors
  • Usage of the right keywords is the first step towards success in SEO.
  • The site has to be highly useable with user friendly navigation to ensure a human friendly at the same time search bot friendly design
  • Matt says page speed is a very important search engine ranking factor, which plays an active role in sales conversion as well. It is obvious that none wants to stay on a slow loading page. So page speed is one factor to take care of for pleasing the humans the bots as well.
  • URL structure is another important factor
  • AB testing is recommended by Google too.  According to them it is not a trick to display different content to search engines and humans. AB testing should be common to the bots and the search engines 
Finding a good SEO service provider matters

onpage-SEOYes, you’ve heard that from the great Matt Cutts. There are tons of SEO providers out there. However, if you can find a professional SEO service provider who knows what they do, along with a track record of successful keyword placements with the help of organic SEO, you have uncovered a gold mine.

Just as everything, SEO too can be abused and can be overdone. However, organic white hat SEO is always welcome by Google.

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