Are You Struggling To Sell Your Products Online? Try These Epic Product Description Ideas And See The Change!

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Epic Product Description Ideas And See The Change!

Epic Product Description Ideas

Over 25 years ago, in 1994, the first documented online purchase was made. From that time, online shopping has grown from being a novel idea to a multi-trillion dollar industry. In fact, e-commerce sales are predicted to hit a whopping $6.5 Trillion by 2023! 

Here’s a quick question to you: When was the last time you made a purchase online? This morning? Yesterday? A day before? Ok, so when do you think you will make the next online purchase? Now? Tonight? Tomorrow? Cool, me too! And we are not alone, 75% of people shop online at least once a month. 

For most of us, shopping online has become a routine part of life. On the other hand, this has a significant impact on a global scale. Did you know that Global e-commerce sales have skyrocketed in the past four years? Yes, according to statistics, annual online sales totaled $1.3 billion worldwide in 2014, and it had doubled to $2.8 billion last year, and they are expected to nearly double again to $4.48 billion by 2021. That is 17.5% of retail sales globally.

Global e-commerce sales:

Ecommerce is big and getting bigger each year. Focusing on the ever-changing e-commerce territory is a challenge for businesses, especially the smaller ones. A lot of factors impact your online success: how effectively your ads are raising awareness, how familiar people are with your brand, whether or not you offer fast and free shipping, how frequently your prospects dump their carts, and more.

But with these challenges also come opportunities. Let us now focus on just one aspect: your product descriptions. Online store owners and e-commerce managers know the value of the product description. Still, they are often overlooked and not used to their full potential. Let’s now dive deep into this topic! In this guide, we can see some insanely effective product description ideas to engage your potential customers. But basics first!

So, what is product description?

A product description is nothing but the marketing copy that describes the value proposition of the product to your potential customers. The ultimate purpose of a product description is to give your customers the vital information about the benefits and charecteristics of the product so that they are convinced to buy. A convincing product description should provide details about the product's characteristics, problems it solves, and other benefits that help generate a sale. 

What makes a good product description? 

A good product description must give all relevant details, pack an emotional punch and encourage the buyers to make a purchase. In fact, Emotions can influence buyer behavior, so your product description is the perfect place to bring out emotions.

Why is it essential to write product descriptions?

A study found that 20% of purchase failures potentially resulted from missing or unclear product information. This clearly shows the importance of writing a product description. A product description enhances the consumer experience by making your site look more professional and help you sell your product. It can be used to show the value of a product to potential customers on your website. If done right, it can provide features that will influence a prospect to make a purchase.

Simply put, whether your product has a personal purpose, like fashion, or a precise function, like a camera, all products are designed to enhance or improve the buyer’s quality of life in one or another way. As the shopper browses, when reading the product's description, they instinctively imagine holding each product in hand, using it and enjoying it. The more powerful the description is, the more likely they are to buy it.

How to write a good product description?

The role of the product description is priceless when generating an online presence for businesses and brands online. 87% of people rate product description as extremely important when deciding to buy. Google adores good product descriptions, particularly those that are easy to find and understand when scrolling a website. Obviously, product descriptions have a more significant impact on conversions than one would ever assume. However, writing a good description is not that easy. Now, let’s take a look at some simple ideas to convince prospects to visit your online store and make a purchase.

What’s in here?

  1. Know your Target Audience
  2. Focus on the Products’ Benefits
  3. Make your buyer feel smarter:
  4. Tell a story
  5. Use power words that sell
  6. Use quality Images

1. Know your Target Audience:

Target Audience

The first step to writing a product description is to define who your target audiences are. While writing product descriptions, if you have a huge crowd of consumers in mind, your content may become weak, and chances are you end up addressing no one at all.

Also, you must define which features would be of most interest to your prospects. This starts with understanding your buyers’ persona, a breakdown of your prospects' characteristics, and this will help you know which feature of the product will your customers’ value the most.

The best product description should address your intended audience personally and directly. You can ask questions to yourself and answer it as if you are having a conversation with them. Choose the words your buyer would use. Use the term ‘you.’

Keep these questions in mind when writing your product description:

  • How did this person arrive at your page?
  • Why would he or she be interested in your store, specifically?
  • What are his or her general interests?
  • What features or benefits will interest this person the most?
  • How would he/she describe the product to a friend?

2. Focus on the Products’ Benefits:

Products Benefits

Understandably, as a business owner, you are super excited about individual product features and specifications. You want to share all of the qualities of your products and want to show that it has unique specs and the best features. We breathe and live our website, our company, and our products.

However, the problem here is that our prospects are not as interested in humdrum features and specifications. Instead, they want to know how it can benefit them and what’s in it for them. That is exactly why you want to emphasize the benefits of each feature.

So, how to turn features into benefits?

When writing descriptions, we usually tend to describe the features of the product. However, when you just list its features, you are actually missing out to help your purchaser understand how your product can help them.

Think about what makes you excited about your product, which makes it unique. It may be ethically sourced materials, careful construction, or all the whistles and bells you dream of when thinking about your product. Those are features.

Now, think about what these will do for your buyer. Do ethically sourced materials make the consumer feel good about buying your product? Does careful making mean that your product is safe for kids? Will those whistles and bells make everyone who sees your buyer with your product weep with jealousy? Those are benefits.

To get started writing the benefits and features of your products, ask some questions to yourself:

  • Who is your target buyer?
  • What do they want?
  • What does that person need to know?
  • What are their needs?

Find answers to these questions, and it will help you get started on writing a strong product description that can change features into benefits and prospects into buyers.

3. Make your buyer feel smarter:

Make your buyer feel smarter

Your job in the product description area is to educate your buyer. Write informative, detailed copy that can help your client make a smart purchase decision. How much info they will need depends on the product and the company. If yours is a well-established brand, your consumers are mostly repeat buyers, so you will have to incorporate less information. However, if yours is a small and lesser-known brand in a highly competitive industry, you have to provide lots of information to make your consumer feel confident in their purchase.

Most small businesses fall into the latter category, where more info is needed. So, how to educate your prospects?

Take quality time to think through the possibility that your target audience has:

  • Purchased this item previously, from your competitor?
  • Purchased from you previously?
  • Researched the item even before hitting your product page? For this check Google Analytics to find where your web traffic comes from. Trust me, it will yield some interesting insights.
  • Any idea on the best practices for creating this product? If not, will they like to learn?

With these in mind, you can provide more informative content and help your customers make an informed decision.

4. Tell a story:

Who doesn’t love a good story? Ghost stories, war stories, bedtime stories, we love them! Telling stories is also a powerful marketing tool, especially for your product descriptions.

By telling a mini-story about your product, you are likely to connect emotionally with the prospects. This is a key move to convert your potential customers into actual buyers.

Tell a story

Try to answer these questions when it comes to telling a story in your product description:

  • What inspired you to make this product?
  • Who originally made this product?
  • How would this product look in purchaser’s daily life?
  • What was the journey of this products' making?

Setting this outlook will help the buyer visualize this product in a way that specs and features can never do. If you can make the buyer imagine your product as an emotional companion or conquest, then that’s your success.

5. Use power words that sell!

Use power words that sell

There are some words and phrases that can elicit an emotional response in humans naturally. Luckily for online stores, this also increases sales.

By being watchful of these phrases and words, you can more easily convince a buyer to take the leap and make the purchase.

Below is a list of words that can help make your product description look more attractive.

  • Amazing
  • Eye-opening
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Wondrous
  • Surprising 
  • Stunning
  • Excited
  • Breathtaking, etc.

As you write a product description, look for some descriptive words or adjectives that can be used to make a little bit of dress-up.

For example, instead of using words like “high-quality” or “nice,” pick power words like “sensational” or “stunning.”

By sprinkling these descriptive words into your product contents, you can likely convince the buyer that your products are impressive, exciting, and worth the purchase.

6. Use quality Images:

Use quality Images

Did you know, 63% of customers think that a product image is more important than reviews?

Even if you master description writing, you should still add high-quality images to go with it.

The product image itself is an important aspect of your product description. Quality pictures will show the buyer the key features of your product. It will also allow the prospects to imagine having the product in their life. Simply put, high-quality pictures plus sensational product descriptions can give you all the success!

Take away!

These rules are based on research and have proven to be effective in boosting sales. The main takeaway here is that a product description should be short and to the point. It should not push your product rather say the main points about why it will improve your buyer’s life. Try to include search engine friendly keywords. If you couldn’t fit them in the description, add them to the title instead. If nothing helps, focus on implementing power words in your descriptions to make the product eye-catching.  

Finally, all you want is to create a description that gives your consumers the info that they need. If it is clear, concise, it’s possibly good. So don’t worry so much. If you find it hard, take the help of a reputed White label SEO Company like SubmitInMe to increase sales over time.

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