Cheap SEO Packages – What do SEO companies mean when they say “Cheap”?

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Cheap is not always bad

cheap SEO servicesWhen a phrase is adhered with the word “Cheap”, it gets huge attention. Same applies to the SEO services offered today. Marketers’ use the word “Cheap” to highlight there services from the rest of the crowd. As you know, today there are countless numbers of SEO companies and almost all offering similar SEO and SMO services. Thanks to a few firms who do extensive research and adopt safe SEO practices and present with unique strategies that makes your website race past the competitors. However, to get a maximum reach to their services, the use the word "cheap" as well. So, let’s come to the topic – when a SEO company says “Cheap” what do they mean by it?

None of the service provider is going to sacrifice their profits and offer cheap services. There are a very few cases where the profits are sacrificed and services are offered so that the cheap service would act as an entry point in to a whole world of other SEO services. There are several possibilities apart from this:

  • Cheap SEO means the strategy is well optimized and well planned so that the costs are kept very low at the same (for best ROI). Such offerings are very much effective and safe to use because the strategy would be framed after extensive research to squeeze out the SEO potential with proven combination of low maintenance SEO services
  • Cheap can also mean that they strategies make use of automated software.  There are several automated SEO software available, which can complete SEO submissions and listings without any human attention. In fact these are not safe and will not produce any results as well.
  • When someone claims a SEO service to cheap compared to other premium SEO providers, and say, the only difference is “You will not get a detailed report but an overview”, you can be sure that the job will not be done (at least not done the right way)
  • If it is an individual freenlancer offering you selling you an SEO service by saying its “cheap”, it opens windows of several possibilities. The service would be excellent, if the freelancer keeps the costs low just because he has lots of free time to do the project and all he need is some pocket money. You are in trouble if the freelancer is a crooked person hunting for more money and takes up jobs even if he knows he cannot complete it. They simply use the word cheap and take the job. The job would not complete and the freelancer would vanish into the online space.
Are all cheap SEO packages time and money wasters?
This reminds me of an old quote “What we obtain too cheap, we combii-SEOesteem to lightly”. This is true in the case of SEO packages as well. It is a common thought that complicated SEO strategies which obviously come with very huge price tags only work like a charm while cheap SEO services are just for boosting the sales of the service provider. However, the truth is SEO for your website need not be complicated, but a simple logic based on the resources available in the website and right combination of SEO strategies. I have written a detailed blog post on how such SEO packages are planned.  Obviously, if the strategy is less complicated and makes use of the maximum available resources such as articles, images and inner pages the pricing would be cheap or very much affordable.

How to identify if “Cheap” means best in the case of SEO services

Most of the times “cheap is good” but we do not recognize it well. Here are some tips to make sure if a cheap SEO service is good:

  • Look for authenticity of the SEO company. How long they have been in business and how well they are reputed online.
  • If a cheap SEO package claims to get you the best ROI, look for case studies or whitepapers or strategy research of it. If the service provider has detailed about how the strategy works and highlights why the price is cheap, you can be assured that the service is best you can get
  • If the service is done using a 100% manual process, you can be assured that it would comply with the search engine guidelines.
  • Make sure that automated processes are not used anywhere. Generating content, submitting the content/ listings are the common tasks which are automated today.
  • Make sure that even the tiniest part of that content used is well researched an fresh
The bottom line is, cheap SEO packages don’t always mean bad. Spend some time making sure the cheap pricing doesn’t compromise with the quality and then you would save your precious money for a long period of time. Because best SEO is not always costly!

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