The "site errors" and "url errors"

Onsite optimization is the key to success in getting your website ranked in the search engines no matter the algorithm changes happening around. If your website’s on-site factors are well optimized you can really squeeze out the best results of the off-page search engine optimization campaigns that you have put up. If you have recognized already or not, Google Webmaster Tools is the base for analysis of your website’s critical onsite factors.  Out of all the data presented by webmaster tools, the section called “Crawl Errors” provided you with the most wanted information about the pages that are not being able to be accessed by Google bots. There are several reasons such as “404 page not found”, broken links, DNS errors, server errors etc. why the crawler is not able to reach your web pages. What was bad with the previous version of webmaster tools is that, you cannot differentiate if the problem is at your whole website or for a specific url.

Crawl Errors now split as “url errors” and “site errors”.

What do they represent and how is it useful
As the words sound “site errors” are the crawler errors that affect the entire website. Entire website DNS validation errors, server timeouts and errors in grabbing the robots.txt file are the best examples for the site errors. Crawl errors on the other hand represent errors adhered to specific urls and not the entire site. Fixing that particular url or group of urls would resolve the crawler issue.

I logged into the webmaster tools as usual to check the status of our website and here is what I saw

Whoa! We are doing it right! We don’t have any site errors and that is the reason why there is a little box with 3 green checks. If there were errors, there would be a well detailed graphical representation of the timeline of events of the errors.

Just login to your webmaster tools and check out the detailed stats. Hey! You do have a webmaster tool setup installed already right?

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