eCommerce Marketing For Christmas 2012 – The ground check before your start SEO

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SEO basement for this Christmas and beyond

eCommerce SEOChristmas is just two months ahead and obviously it’s high time to start special SEO for those who are expecting a massive holiday season sales. When it comes to Christmas sales, eCommerce stores are the ones that makes the most out of this holiday season. Online shopping trends have been on the rise and so eCommerce sites are expecting a huge reap in 2012. However, there is one hurdle that the online stores have to cross and the hurdle is monumental now and is called “Competition”. ECommerce stores get sales 100% online and so, to overcome the competition, they need ultimate search engine visibility and social media exposure. With just 2 months to Christmas, NOW is the right time to start the eCommerce SEO and social media marketing. Before you start applying SEO strategies such as press releases, coupon listings, directory listings etc, you have to make sure that your eCommerce store is fully prepared to get the maximum potential out of all these SEO strategies. Here is a checklist of for preparing your website before your start continuous SEO and social media marketing for this holiday season.

The effectiveness in offpage SEO depends on how well your onpage factors are optimized. For eCommerce websites to excel in the search results there are several onpage SEO factors which are critical. Below is a checklist of critical onpage SEO factors:

  • SEO optimized unique META titles and descriptions in all the pages
  • Keyword optimized product urls
  • Sitemap optimization and listing in Google webmaster tools
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • Page speed optimization to enhance user experience and search engine visibility. A page speed score of  90+ out of 100 would make your eCommerce store loved by the search engines as well as the users
  • Implementing HTML schema for the product category websites. If you haven’t heard about schema, see this page about it now because schema integration is a crucial part of onpage optimization for eCommerce stores. Integration of schema presents rich snippets in search results so that the click through rate increases
  • Test your eCommerce store across different browsers. Your eCommerce store would be working great in your favorite browser but the order button may not work in some other browser. So it is crucial to make a cross browser compatibility check.

Once you optimize all the factors mentioned above, you can confidently perform regular offpage SEO and you would certainly reap the benefits. Taking care of all these factors also ensures that SEO is a wise investment rather than just a quick one time promotion for seasonal sales. Start optimizing your eCommerce store today and get ready to bag all the Christmas sales.

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