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Brand famePenguin update? Not again! I took a look over all my news posts done through April and May and I asked to myself, “everything about the Google Penguin Update?” Alright let’s give it a break now. Today, I am about to highlight the importance of blogging regularly which in turn helps in natural SEO.

Though all the white-hat SEO services available today can be called as natural SEO, the real definition is to make the general public share information about your website in the form of facebook wall posts, tweets, Google plus updates, linkedin shares, social bookmarks, blog syndications and much more. So, when does this happen? When does someone decide to share information about your website or brand or product? One simple answer is “ONCE YOUR BRAND HAS A FAME”.

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There are many ways to achieving brand fame online and the best, affordable and simplest concept is to share useful information and opinions related to your niche. The best approach to share information is to build a blog attached to your website and attribute all the information you share under your brand.

What kind of information?
If you have seen the official blog of well reputed brands, you would be able to see self-promotional posts about their products. These posts would be shared wildly by the public. However, if your brand is yet to attain that kind of a fame, you need to work really hard initially in supplying useful, resource worthy information for a considerable period of time. For example, if you are a startup selling a health product, you cannot right away create blog posts explaining your product and highlighting its features. Initially you have to research and write useful general information about health and blog social-media-blogsit. If your posts are interesting to read with valuable resources, the reader base would expand and your posts would be shared in all channels through them. Remember that as the sharing increases, your brand is exposed to a wider audience. As days go by, your brand would be familiar to everyone being spread everywhere through these posts.
Once the brand is famous, natural SEO is auto pilot
Upon successful blogging, you would have a huge reader base ready to spread whatever you talk about. So, when you have something to promote, you can just create a blog post about it along with some related general information. Once the post is published, you can see the content spread to facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin, social bookmarking sites, other blog syndications and “mentions” about the post in other articles etc. That’s natural SEO.

Start blogging today and gather fame to your brand.

Let’s see how many of them out there have already seen success in creation brand fame using blogging already. Cast your vote!

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