Google knol couldn’t come anywhere near Wiki so, could Knowledge graph be the ONE?

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Google has been trying, trying and trying really hard to come up with an unique idea that can compete with Wikipedia or atleast some knowledge portal that is equally good. The last known approach by Google on this area is the introduction of Google Knol. Named as the “A unit of Knowledge”, the doors of this knowledge portal were wide open for anyone to publish content.

Alright now, let’s get back to the topic – Google Knowledge Graph
Good has announced about the integration of knowledge graph directly to the search engine.  I cannot better explain what a “Knowledge Graph” is than this video published by Google

As you have seen in this video, once knowledge graph is integrated in Google search, the search engine would gain artificial intelligence about what you are searching for and would present a new panel which would carry detailed information about the particular search query. I really like the additions of the way related  information is displayed within the panel. There is no doubt that the usage of knowledge graph in search would be a giant leap forward for Google if information gathering is done the right way.

After seeing the introduction video of Google knowledge graph I hear what Google is trying to say.  “Once this is in place, you do not need Wikipedia anymore.”  For once Google lives upto the above statement

As you see in the screenshot, I ran a search for “Leonardo da Vinci” and I got Google knowledge graph in action. As you see, there is the Wikipedia result on the first position. The new addition, “the right hand side panel” carries wealthy information including the related items. According to my browsing habits, my eyes completely ignored the Wikipedia listing and went on to the Google’s knowledge graph stuff. Google has done a good work in directing the links within the knowledge graph panel into another search rather than pointing them to the source. Now I don’t think I need Wikipedia anymore for quick reference

That’s not it! Google Knowledge Graph is something really big

I ran different searches for places, tourist attractions, animals, scientific items etc and surprisingly Google presents all the information neatly organized in different formats. Below are some screenshots of the knowledge graph kicking-in for different items

A tourist Spot


Popular Person

A movie


Scholar Stuff

Our Place

Google knowledge graph looks very promising and this is a great opportunity for Google to create a successful knowledgebase concept that they have been trying for years.

What do you think about Google’s knowledge graph? 
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