Penguin Update has its roots in 2003

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin 2003 revisited

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Google Penguin Update is 2003 revisited

According to SEOmoz's very popular Google Algorithm Update Timeline, the first named update appeared in 2003. The update was named Boston and Google intended to make algorithm changes every month as a regular schedule. But very soon, Google had to update the algorithms frequently opposed to what they had planned. Then came a series of updates during 2003 starting with the "Cassandra" update in April 2003 to the "Florida Update" in November 2003.

Cassandra Update (April 2003)
Just like the Penguin update, Cassandra was all about the quality of links back to a website. The update targeted sites that obtained links from self-owned sites and sites belonging to a same IP network. In addition to that, the sites which employed spammy linking strategies such as hidden links were penalized heavily

Florida Update (Nov 2003)
The Cassandra update was followed by a series of minor changes. Then came the major “Florida Update” which created a huge impact in SEO. Too many sites were shot down by this update coz of overuse of keywords and similar strategies

Now its 2012 and Penguin Is Born
April 24th 2012, the Google Penguin update was born, which targets sites that uses spammy link building tactics along with penalizing websites that overused the “exact match” aka money keywords. Now doesn’t Google Penguin look like a baby of Cassandra and Florida? (We meant the Google Updates).

The Google Penguin update sure has its roots back in the series of updates performed in 2003. Is Google rolling back to the stone age?

The Lesson That Google Teaches
Googled-SEONow you know the Google Penguin update is 2003 revisited, you might wonder if Google is riding the time machine of failure by rolling back. NO! Google is teaching a valuable lesson to SEO experts. Let it be 2003 or 2012 or many years to come. Never implement any SEO strategies that get spammy links back to your website. Never build links in same network sites. Say no to keyword stuffing and overuse of keywords as anchor texts.

The Moral
There is no escaping from Google algorithm updates if you are using spammy SEO. If your website used spammy SEO and escaped "Cassandra" or "Florida" or "Penguin", there are still many more updates to come. Longer you keep doing spammy SEO and evade Google's eyes, more would be the time wasted when an algorithm hits your website. Say no to such spammy tactis and welcome WHITE-HAT SEO!

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