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We had posted an infographic earlier this month which referred to the words Matt Cutts’ (Head of Google webspam team) where he had mentioned that the Google Penguin update is not targeted on SEO but on webspam. However, with many of the webmasters Googled-SEOout there who thought they were doing white hat and safe SEO got their websites penalized by the penguin update. This has created a general panic among all whether it is safe to use any SEO strategies again? Now I emphasis the word “THOUGHT”. They just THOUGHT that they were doing white hat SEO. More than half of all the SEO works done today across the planet is outsourced to freelancers and novice SEO firms who doesn’t understand the search engine algorithms but just focus on building as many anchor text links as possible. They convince their clients that they are performing safe SEO while they themselves are not sure about that. The result, penguin doesn’t make the mistake of ignoring your website. While I was creating this infographic using all the comments and reactions from webmasters after the penguin update, it was clear to me that most of the frustrated webmasters  just THOUGHT they were doing safe SEO, while in reality they were unintentionally spamming the web.

Without SEO, no website would highlight in the search results and would eventually be hidden for eternity. Say “YES” to whitehat SEO and don’t just THINK it is white hat, instead “MAKE SURE!” 

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