New API supports Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby & .Net Client Libraries

Google AnalyticsKeeping pace with the need to change for better, Google Analytics Core Reporting API is the new hottest new  tool for Google Analytics developers which would be replacing the previous Data Export API. Google's new Analytics API is in continuation of the older API and it reduces the size of the data outputted 10 times more efficiently than previous APIs. Google's Version 3.0 Core Reporting API is an all new release that has features like new libraries for languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python. The earlier version 2.4 API maintains compatibility with the previous Data Export API version 2.3.

Developers will find a host of changes to the v. 3.0 API, like authentication through the OAuth 2.0 format,  and in the use of JSON format for data output. Version 3.0 maintains no chance of backwards compatibility with the version 2.3, while V 2.4 release will provide some of the backwards compatibility, though it is highly recommended that users switch to the 3.0 version.

Google recommends developers to change over to the new version within six months as there is the sure chance of the old version becoming redundant by that time. Most developers would welcome the new changes for data feeds and REST API development with the less bulky JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format seen quickly replacing XML as the format of choice for returning data.

The new Core Reporting API can help users

  •  Create custom reports with your Analytics data
  •  Save time by automating complex tasks
  •  Integrate Google Analytics data with your business data
  •  Display Google Analytics data in new environments
And the v 3.0 API includes features like
  •  JSON based output reduces the size of the response from the previous XML output by almost 10 times.
  •  Google API client libraries support Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby and .Net.
  •  Support for the Google Discovery API.
  •  Hinges on OAuth 2.0 as the new, recommended way to authorize users.
Before starting on Core Reporting API  users need to register the application via the Google APIs Console and would have to use a project ID to access the API. As there are plans to terminate the Data Export API Account Feed by June 2012, it is recommended that users retrieve all configuration data through the Google Analytics Management API.

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