This article explains the process of creating Google adwords bumper ads. The bumper ad is a great feature of Google video advertising and has a high impact.

Create Google Adwords Bumper Ads

Google Adwords Bumper Ad – What is it?

The Google bumper ad is a 6 second video ad which can run on youtube and display network. This 6 second video ad cannot be skipped thus the advertiser can make the viewer see his ad completely. With a perfect video and accurate targeting we can gain views and potential customers.

Example of Google Adwords Bumper Ad.

Creating an Adwords Bumper Ad:

To create a Google adwords bumper ad we should upload the 6 second video ad in the YouTube channel then we have to link the YouTube channel with Adwords Account.

A Video on How to Create Google Adwords Bumper Ads

Step1 : Login to your Adwords account.

Step2 : Click + Campaign you will see a dropdown on that select video.

Adwords Campaign

Step3 : Creating Video Campaign:

After selecting the video dropdown you can see a new page. Enter the campaign name then select your type (goal) of advertising. Below that you can see an option “Video Ad formats” there select bumper ads. Bumper ads have manual CPM (Cost per Impression) bidding type as they are non-skipable. Then please enter the budget you are willing to spend per day. 

Creating Video Campaign

Below select your target “location” i.e. the place where you want to show your ads. Then we can see “advanced option” there we can schedule the start and end date of the Ad. The “advanced option” has also ad delivery options on that we can set a limit to how many times the ads appear to the same user, after entering the details click “save and continue”. Now we have created the campaign.

Target location

Step4 : Creating Video Ad Group:

Now enter the ad group name. Under the “Video Ad” paste the “YouTube URL” of the bumper ad (6 sec video). The video will be uploaded and you can see the thumbnail of the video. Then you can see “video ad format” option select bumper video ad there. After that enter landing page URL and display URL (your domain).

In the “bidding option” enter your bid i.e. the maximum you are willing to pay for 1000 impressions. At the right side of your screen you can see bid suggestion which will help you to choose the right amount. Then click the save ad group button and your Google Adwords bumper video ad is ready to go.

Creating Video Ad Group

YouTube has an average viewability of 93% globally. Source: Google and DoubleClick advertising platforms data, Apr. 2016. With a short killer video which cannot be skipped the probability of getting potential customers has now become easier.

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