The three essential phases in defining and accomplishing SEO goals are measuring targets, creating SEO benchmarks, and creating an action plan. Read more here.

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What benchmarks must your business accomplish in 2022? One of the tasks we should be sketching out at least each year as advertisers and SEO experts is the road toward our goals. If you can collaborate with a white label digital marketing agency it is the best thing. Here is a three-step process for establishing SEO goals and creating a strategy to meet them:

  • Setting goals: Where should we be?
  • Setting SEO benchmarks: Where are we at this point?
  • Making a plan of action: How will we get there?

1. Setting goals

What success looks like in three, six, or twelve months should be a question that every marketer on your team can respond to. Are we focusing on increasing existing customer accounts, retaining current customers, reducing churn, or growing income from new customers? Every team member has to be aware of the response to this query in order to acquire the support of the team as a whole for your marketing strategy. The most frequent form of objectively given to marketing teams is to meet revenue objectives (or lead value via a particular quantity/quality of leads). Revenue numbers may then be converted into the average order size-based monthly need for new clients.

2. Setting SEO benchmarks

By now, you have to be fully aware of the number of clients, chances, leads, and site visitors required to achieve your main marketing objective. Based on this set of standards, which depict where your brand is right now, you may gauge your SEO success.

SEO Share of Voice (SOV)

Our understanding of your brand's performance based on a predetermined selection of themes or keywords is improved by SOV. How many of those have your brand's website listed on Google's front page? Through this process, we are able to compare ourselves to both our direct and indirect SEO rivals. It reveals new content distribution avenues to reach my consumer and helps us identify the sorts of content types that are doing effectively for my target keywords.

Conversion Rate

How effective is the conversion of visitors into leads and leads into customers for your marketing team? Draw these conversion rates by channels to determine the general calibre of your leads and visits. A white label SEO can keep eye on this easily

Rich Snippet

Google updates the SERPs frequently with new features. For those who can adjust most quickly, there is a significant first-mover advantage. Compare your brand's ranking for rich snippets against that of your main competitors. This benchmark reveals other content formats or markup that you may use to get rich or highlighted snippets.

Technical SEO Issue

Determine the elements that prevent your website from becoming indexed or from appearing higher in search results. There are several tools available to crawl your website and assess the overall health of your on-page SEO. Determine the ratio of significant faults to minor SEO concerns to determine what type of easy, quick modifications could make a difference.

3. Developing the Action Plans

Your SEO strategy should take into account your benchmarks, search demands, competition, resources, and budget that are accessible, as well as the seasonality of your industry. Here are some SEO steps to incorporate into your strategy:

Expanding the SEO footprints

You've discovered new themes you don't rank for, indirect rivals contending for these rankings, and the forms of material that do. By fulfilling your benchmarks. By creating or optimizing content for non-ranking themes found in your competition ranking analysis, you may increase the reach of your SEO efforts. Be mindful of how the quality of your traffic may alter when your website's content is updated. Not every form of traffic is the same.

Your blog's increased top-of-funnel traffic won't always translate into profits right away. Additionally, you may extend your SEO reach outside of your website. We discovered third-party review websites that "own" the majority of terms within a vertical using the share-of-voice research. By strengthening your presence on other websites via active review creation and profile completion, you may increase your SEO footprint.

Increase of CTR of Current SERPs

Do you know the reasons why people aren't clicking on your SERPs right now? Poorly optimized title/meta tags and unfavorable testimonials from other industry review sites are two of the main causes of low CTR in well-ranked branded SERPs. A two-star rating on a local review website's SERP can immediately dissuade customers from choosing your business. In this situation, creating a proactive reviewing-building program should make up a significant portion of your SEO strategy.

Increasing the conversion rates from the existing organic traffic

As you are aware, ranking heavily considers user experience. It contributes to persuading individuals to convert and buy from you as well. Utilize heat mapping tools to see how visitors move across your website. Where are they running into trouble? Increase the value of the current website traffic that you are bringing in. This can be improved by approaching a white label digital marketing agency.

Reduce the threats of rank losses

Last but not least, long-term SEO harm might result from technological problems and competitive pressures. Make critical mistakes a priority in your annual SEO plan. So if that is the plan for this year, allocate resources. Combating competitive pressures is among the most challenging threats to take into account. To find rivals who are steadily increasing their organic presence, conduct your share-of-voice research every quarter. In order to determine outside elements that affect your organic search traffic, Google Patterns may also give insight into general consumer search trends.

Key takeaways

Goal-setting will mostly be influenced by your available resources, money, and timetable. Without a budget or any internal backing to make improvements happen, it is impossible to expect you to quickly make meaningful SEO contributions to the overall marketing aim.


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