Improving Click Through Rate (CTR) – META Content Optimization [Infographic]

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How a good META content helps in improving the CTR

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Hello everyone, it has been a long and exciting vacation and we are all back to experience the New Year. Before the vacations I wrote a post about improving click through rates by integrating schema on your website. Today, as a greatest tip for the New Year, let’s look into something more valuable that could considerably increase the CTR in organic search. We are all aware that the META title and description represent your website’s first impression in organic search results. It's also a true fact that search engines consider optimized META details as a valuable ranking factor. The META details help your website show up on the first page of search results and the same information has the job of attracting humans to click and visit your website. So, the META details that you write for your webpages should be search engine friendly and highly human attention grabber too. Unfortunately, most of the META details used today are only optimized for the search engines, with the motive of achieving top rankings in the search results. Again, as I asked in the post earlier, “what good is a top position when nobody clicks your link?”

I am again taking the keyword directory submission service as an example. Seeing the infographic below would help you know how a good "META information" would contribute both to achieving in good keyword rankings and getting good CTRs. The results shown in the screen capture have made their way to the top 4 positions. But do the serve the purpose of sending visitors to your site? Let’s find out:

Improving CTR

So, when you are working hard on winning the race to achieve the top search engine rankings, don’t forget this: “Top doesn’t do any good unless you grab the attention of the humans!” The rich snippets that we discussed earlier last month and the META content explained in this article are key attention grabbers.

Do you agree with the fact that META content and rich snippets play a vital role in improving the CTR and would get greater traffic than the website displayed in the #1 position with no bells and whistles? Share your thoughts… Comments are open!

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