iPad 3 or iPad HD – Does this mean anything to the future of web promotion?

Geno Thampi
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The launch of iPad 3 – a revolution in web promotion? Again?

iPad 3 logoNo one ever knows what lies on a horizon till you reach there. Same with apple product launches. You will never know what product is waiting for you till you reach the launch date. It’s just one more day to go for all of us to know what apple has to show to the world. At first the world doubted if it would be an iPad 3 launch or some other product such as improved version of Apple TV. The mystery is half solved now, as reliable sources have revealed that it is a new version of iPad that is about to be unveiled. Reliable sources such as CNN confirm that the new iPad would be called as iPad HD instead of iPad 3. Looks like the iPad had would carry a retina display (Fun fact is though retina display is available in iPhone 4 launched last year; many of them do not know what it is. Here is a resource about retina display if you are one of them). Alright! Here is some info about iPad HD that I know for now

  • Extremely high resolution display - 2,048 by 1,536 pixels (will be the first tablet to carry full HD display).
  • Quad Core A6 Processor
  • 7 inch displays 
These are the very little info I know about the iPad 3. I love my iPad 2 just like any other proud owner and the above 3 features of iPad 3 or iPad HD doesn’t make me go crazy for an upgrade. In fact I hate 7 inch displays because, they seem either not big enough or small enough. Alright, so like all other apple fans out there, I am waiting for Apple’s mystery revealing by tomorrow. Alright, now we are switching topic to web promotion for iPad. So if you landed on this page looking for information on iPad 3 skip from here to the cnet news source here http://news.cnet.com/apple-talk/?tag=mncol;bc

If you want to know how iPad 3 or HD is going to affect web promotion, read on
The initial version of iPad started it all – The mobile web, which changed the face of internet usage. People are no more wired to their desks. It is internet wherever you go. Though the iPad changed the way people use the internet, there was nothing as the so called “Revolution” in terms of web promotion. One reason for this is that, the iPads function exactly the same (better) way the current generation laptops do in terms of internet browsing. Then came the iPad 2, with a larger screen and a thinner profile. No major impact here as well. Any regular website that works well and ranks high in the search results when accessed through the laptops or desktops does the same with iPad 2 as well. However, for websites to work 100% in an iPad, the following needed to be taken care of:

  • Apple iPad 2 offered full support to websites designed using HTML 5. All the functionalities of the site would be preserved if the website is based on HTML 5. So if your website is an some outdated technology you need to upgrade your site to be compatible with the mighty portable device
  • The world knows the fact that iPads do not support flash and never will. This is sad news for many but for me it is good news. No more browser crashes and security threats. So if your website is hosting a video and presents it in flash, it will not reach the iPad users. The solution? Use HTML 5 to display the video. This is very simple and very light on your server. Or just upload the video to youtube and use the embed code within your website.
  • All other conventional off page SEO would work in getting your website ranked because iPad uses conventional Google search and not a mobile search
What’s the change with iPad 3
  • For me, it looks like it is all about the display resolution and processing power that differentiates iPad 3 from its predecessor. In that case, I would look into creating a separate but not a duplicate version of the existing site. The iPad version of the site will be loaded with social features wherever possible along with boasting high res images and videos to grab the attention of the visitor. I would also pay attention to touch based navigation opposed to the mouse click navigation in the dedicated site for iPad.
  • With the A6 Quad processor, safari can run heavy loaded apps in your website in a breeze.
  • When it comes to off page website promotion, local business listings deem important than ever before. This is because, the iPad HD is expected to be ultra-portable (7 inch) and for this reason, the device would be used on travel widely. With that being said, having optimized business listings in sites such as Google Maps and Bing Local would lure new iPad owners as your loyal customers
  • Get yourselves an iPad to promote your business in the social media. Social media is the arena where you can grab the attention of mobile web users. Same applies with the iPad users. However, social media is not the same with desktops and mobile devices. Let’s take facebook for example. Mark Zuckerberg had clearly mentioned when creating the FB application for iPad 2 that he is creating it for a mobile device which is entirely different from the one for desktops or laptops. As you see, there is no timeline and many features of facebook would be missing in the iPad. So if you are to grab the attention of the social media folks using iPad, you have to do your FB promotion through the iPad with the available options. 
That’s all I can say about web promotion targeting the iPad 3 users for now. Let’s find out what’s on store and I would get back to you with more options to promote your website to target the new, proud owners of the iPad 3 or is it iPad HD? (Confused).  

Did you know? If you are an SEO expert, you would really need an iPad. There are several handy SEO applications that you can use with the iPad. Check out my blog about the top 3 apps that I use in my iPad 2 for my search engine optimization works

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