Matt Cutts explains about SEO for your website – Optimize for users or search engine bots?

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End User Vs Search Engine Bots

Matt Cutts ExplainingThis is a question I had in mind for very long. In fact, after all these Google Panda updates (including the recent Panda 3.4 minor update); the question gets higher importance. I believed in the fact that “forget the search engine bots and optimize your website just by keeping a user point of view”.  According to me, a user optimized website would automatically comply with the search engine ranking factors as well. This was my thinking till yesterday, when I stumbled on of the best video answering sessions of Matt Cutts. I was really anticipating that Matt would be saying, focus on optimizing the site for user friendliness and the rest would follow. Well, I was wrong.

Matt was answering to a question “Which is more important: search engine optimization (SEO) or end user optimization?” Watch the video to find the answer

The logic is simple. You need search engine optimization to get your website noticed and get Cheap SEO Packagevisitors. End user optimization on the other hand is important to convert the incoming traffic into sales or make them stay on your website without bouncing. As Matt says, keep search engine optimization and end user optimization as aligned as possible. This is one point that we have been highlighting to the SEO world. Before planning SEO strategies or putting together SEO packages to promote your website, you need to make sure that your website is well optimized for end user experience. If not you would be wasting all the traffic driven through the SEO campaigns.

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