Matt Cutts speaks about chances of successful negative SEO…. Again!

Negative SEO

I was grazing though today’s SEO updates this evening and I stumbled on a Webmaster help video by Matt Cutts. The interesting topic of Negative SEO has surfaced again. Thank you Matt Cutts for choosing this topic over all the 423 questions that you received. For the moment of truth we weren’t sure if negative SEO really exists because we have not run any test cases YET. However, there are wide claims from reliable sources that they were successful in creating a negative SEO effect through pretty much simple processes. After seeing the video, I am confused because Matt says negative SEO is impossible, but may occur in some cases? If so, you can use the new disavow tool to come clean? Here is the video

Disavow tool, when lunched was like a real gift to the webmasters.  But everyone thought that the intention of the tool was to correct their own mistakes in link building. Now, Matt Cutts has given a new meaning to the tool. The disavow tool is certainly a way to tackle negative SEO. But the big question – “Is negative SEO possible?” still remains. I just created a fun graphic out of this as it just felt to me that even Matt isn’t sure about this! No offense Matt… Feel free to share...

Negative SEO Infographic

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