Video Submission – the race to find maximum number of video sites

As a part of video marketing, distributing the videos to a maximum number of video sites is one of the common strategies. However, as the saying “too much of anything is good nothing” goes, you have to limit the number of video sites you use for video submissions based on many factors. Many novice video marketers try their best to add as many video sites as possible to their video submission list. Obviously, they would be able to get above 250 video sites today. Should we distribute videos to all these sites? Let’s find out:

Higher approval rate of videos – A curse or boon?
approved.gifUnlike other content distribution strategies such as article submission or press release distribution, when it comes to video submission, the approval rate is very high. Means that if you distribute your video to 250 sites, you video would be published in atleast 240+ sites for sure. While some consider this as an excellent SEO opportunity, experts (including us) know that it is really harmful. Here is an example:

We had a client who approached us with a list of 150 video sites and he wanted us to do the submission in the list he provided (as we were providing video submission to only top 150 sites). The video was advertising kind of a Hotel. Upon seeing the list, the first thing we noticed is specialty video sites such as We notified this to him but he just wanted to get the video spread to all those sites too. Surprisingly the video was accepted even at and published though it was completely irrelevant ( is for funny video alone). Though the video may be noticed by a few users of, using such irrelevant sites for distributing your commercial (marketing) video is an act of spamming. This is where the higher approval rate becomes a curse. Your video would be published everywhere in all irrelevant spots highlighting spamming

File sharing sites any good?
sharing.jpgVideos can be uploaded to file sharing sites such as 4shared and mediafire. I have seen most of the huge video site lists (more than 50 sites) would have a huge number of such file sharing sites. The question is, do these file sharing sites carry any SEO value? This depends on what your video is about. If it is a pure marketing or commercial video, the file sharing sites are of no use. There would be no one downloading a commercial video (unless you are that mighty brand of this planet) and visiting your website for more information. However, file sharing sites work well for video promotion of music and entertainment.

Video sites with no description
There are several PURE video sites which do not allow adding any description to the uploaded videos. This makes sense for a video site because, you can tell what the video is about in the title and the video does the rest of the job. However, when it comes to video marketing using these sites, call to action through the description is not possible. So these video sites are useful only if you just need some audience for the video and you don’t intend to drive traffic to your site from it. Sites with no description on videos have poor SEO value too.

Clearing up the video submission list
The list of sites used for video submission plays the key role in getting success with the video marketing campaign. Here are 5 tips to clean up your video submission list today:

  1. Remove all irrelevant videos sites from the list.  Make use of the general video sites that carries all categories. Remember that there are enough general video sites which can get you the desired results
  2. I recommend removing the file sharing sites from the list, no matter what niche your video is about. Conversional audience cannot be obtained from the file sharing sites
  3. Wipe off any video site that doesn’t allow descriptions to be added
  4. There are several video embedding and video bookmarking sites available today. It is better to keep them as a separate list for campaigns to promote videos hosted on youtube or within your website. Don’t make that as a part of video submission. Video submission campaigns should carry only sites where you upload the videos directly.
  5. Note down sites where channels are allowed. These sites can be used for continuous video submission and you need to trackback these sites to make an active presence. These just work in the concept of social media marketing.
There are several factors that can be considered to put together the best video submission list. As per our findings, filtering using the above said parameters would get you a list of 25 best video sites suitable to promote any kind of video (other than offensive content).

So let the race be to find maximum number of BEST and RELEVANT video sites

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