Penguin update by Google - A brief discussion on its impact

Penguin Update 2.0 - The name itself looks creepy. The 1.0 version of Penguin cost a lot to online marketing sector and businesses, setting safe only those who deliberately omitted black hat optimization strategies. Yet, these updates throw down the gauntlet at all pioneers of the SEO industry; however the effects vary from medium to maximum depending on their expertise and the ethics they follow. Panda being updated to version 3.9.1 last Monday, affected approximately 1% of the search queries which makes no big impact on the crowd out there.  This was not the case when the first version of Panda – Panda 1.0 (aka the Farmer Update) was released back in February 2011. It setup the same after effects and stirs that the Penguin update (launched on April 24) version 1.0 had caused. Soon all site-owners woke up to powder their sites panda friendly.

Penguin UpdateUpdates by Google are never to be cursed or offended. Penguin should exist and ought to evolve in all possible ways that help a web surfer to arrive at the information he needs, paving way to a better search experience. This is highly effective for Google to sort out and stop rewarding those sites which rank best using black hat techniques, tricks and ugly tactics. Google can lessen the importance it gives to link equation and rank sites purely on the basis of quality content, bounce rate of the website and social signals.

Penalizing websites without providing a valid reason is something Google has to reconsider, for God sake. Or at least they should be transparent to why these sites were thrown out of the web search results and could rather down rank them. As Penguin appeared as the notorious villain in Google’s ‘SEO puppet show’, even niche sites with very good content were washed out only for the reason that they were linked to/ fro to a few spam links (which they even might not have been aware of). So Google should help webmasters identify what went wrong exactly so that they could fix it. Because only Google knows what was wrong.

Attention! Small/ Mediocre business owners. Do you have a website and a holy dream of ranking high in search results? Never expect this to happen naturally while you remain idle at your office desk. Days of link building are history. Google is never comfortable and never takes for granted those black hat techniques like keyword stuffing, low quality content and incorporating irrelevant outgoing links from a page, which for sure gets your site into trouble.

Never feel exhausted or gone out of the world when you see a fall in traffic to your site after major update is released. You could definitely bring back your online business stronger than before with the help of SEO services providers. Identify those who work on white hat techniques and have a passion towards SEO. Build brand awareness and aim at greater business breakthrough on the competitive market grounds.

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