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We have been talking to the web owners not to panic with the recent algorithm changes. First it was the words of Matt Cutts about “over-optimization penalty” that created a panic. Many of them thought that their website is about to get penalized because they have been extensively using SEO strategies to promote their website. We assured if you had extensively used white hat SEO strategies there is no way over-optimization can hurt the rankings. We had also highlighted the importance of clearing up the list of sites used for SEOing your website. Factors such as same IP address, link networks, sites carrying junk content never should link to your website.

Alright if you do not believe us that white SEO can never harm your website, you can hear it from Matt Cutts (head of Google Webspam itself). Below is Matt’s own words shared with search engine land:

Webspam Matt

It is crystal clear now that, the naming of the algorithm update as “Over-optimization penalty” created a panic even among all the webmasters who were sure that they had never used spammy SEO tactics. This explanation from Matt Cutts would be a huge sigh of relief for them. The new algorithm tweak is now named as “Penguin Algorithm Update” officially by Googled (because the North Pole is melting and Google wants to create awareness?)

The bottom line is:

  • If you are trying to trick the search engines and using spammy SEO strategies such as article spinning, your website is in great deal of trouble no matter how minimal you use the bad strategies
  • If you understand all the SE guidelines and make use of pure white hat SEO with a complete manual process and handpicked promotion spots, your website has the immunity to fight any algorithm updates.
Is your website attached by Penguin algorithm update mistakenly? Know what to do now. Read this to know how to approach Google if your website is hit 

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