Penguin Update or the Panda Update? Identify what went wrong before fixing! [Infographic]

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It may be the panda or the penguin or even something which you changed in your website

Today, when anyone sees a drop in traffic to their website, their first thought goes to the most recent penguin update. Immediately they come to conclusions that they need to immediately check and clean up their backlinks. It is a good practice to keep-a-tab on the backlinks accumulating your website to avoid "negative SEO". However, if you are trying to fix the problem that lead to the drop in traffic, you need to identify if backlinks are really the problems. For that you need to know if your website was hit by the penguin update or the panda update or due to any other problems with your website. The easiest way to rule out the possibility of Google Panda and Google Penguin attack is to know the dates of all the algorithm change dates.

Penguin Recovery

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Penguin Recovery

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