Search Engine Optimization Vs Branding – Which one is important in 2013?

Geno Thampi by - 1/17/2013 4603 Views

The conclusion to the never ending debate

Branding Vs SEO

We are digging up an aged but never ending debate between SEO and online branding. This topic was once covered by us with an infographic during 2012. Now as we are entering into the New Year and planning marketing campaigns and SEO packages, you would again have this big question in mind: “SEO or branding” where should you put most of your efforts? Seeing the importance of the topic now, we gave life to the infographic so that it sounds out the debate better:

Thought for the year

“Performing SEO and branding side by side will never allow the competition barrier to build up. If social trends change, you don't have to worry. SEO has got you covered. If search engine algorithms change, branding would keep you going. In the mean time you can reframe your SEO strategy”.

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